How to get into a Fortnite bot lobby in Chapter 3 Season 3

You can join Fortnite bot lobbies to complete challenges easily and practice your skills (Image via Epic Games)
You can join Fortnite bot lobbies to complete challenges easily and practice your skills (Image via Epic Games)
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Joining a Fortnite bot lobby is a great idea for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is the stress-free environment that players can use to complete challenges and practice their skills.

As many players already know, everyone gets placed in a bot lobby for their first game. This is essentially a match between a player and 99 AI-controlled bots. As soon as the first game ends, players will be put in lobbies with other real players and bots. Since the entire point of the matchmaking system is to help players improve, this system makes sense.

In this guide, you can learn how to join a Fortnite bot lobby in Chapter 3 Season 3.

How to join a Fortnite bot lobby in Chapter 3, Season 3

To join a Fortnite bot lobby, you will have to play either Duos, Trios, or Squads. This strategy works for both regular and Zero Build modes, so it doesn't matter what your preferred play style is.

Unfortunately, joining a Fortnite bot lobby in Solo mode is not yet possible. However, this doesn't matter much as you will end up playing alone even if you join a Duos Fortnite bot lobby.

As a first step, you will have to create a completely new Epic Games account. This will be a new Fortnite player that will be automatically put in bot lobbies. You can use this to your advantage and simply invite this new account to your lobby.


You will get bots in your match when you are in the same lobby as a new Fortnite account. This is the Fortnite bot lobby strategy that has worked ever since bots were added to the game, and Epic will probably never remove it.

While this process is very simple, easy, and fast, you have to pay attention to one important thing. If your bot account gains a level, it will start getting real players in its lobbies. This is why it's important that you leave a match with your bot account as soon as you pass the loading screen.

By doing this, you ensure that your bot account stays at level one and has access to bot lobbies at all times.

How to play with another account at the same time

Many gamers only play on one device, which makes joining Fortnite bot lobbies almost impossible. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem.

If you have a compatible mobile device, you can use it to download Fortnite on it and log in with the new account you will use for bot lobbies.

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If your phone is not compatible with the game, you can use GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming for the other account. These services are also available on mobile phones, so you can use them to join these lobbies.

While these two services are free, they offer a premium subscription for extra benefits. However, you don't need to sign up for a premium account to play Fortnite.

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