Fortnite Reality Tree roots start to spread across the island with mysterious motives

Fortnite's Reality Tree will bring several considerable changes to the in-game island (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite's Reality Tree will bring several considerable changes to the in-game island (Image via Epic Games)
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Asmir Pekmic

Fortnite's Reality Tree is one of the most significant additions in Chapter 3 Season 3. This tree is very important for both the seasonal storyline and the gameplay.

As always, Epic Games only changed several parts of the island for the new season. The biggest change happened on the western side of the map, where the game developers added new places, such as Rave Cave and Reality Tree.

However, it turns out that the Fortnite island will be getting more map changes that will be released frequently. According to popular leakers, the Reality Tree will spread all over the island and bring massive changes.

Fortnite's Reality Tree is spreading, with huge changes on the horizon

When the new season was just released, Fortnite players could only get Reality Seeds from one place on the map, Reality Tree. This is a completely new area that looks like nothing else in the game.

Epic Games has released a new mechanic with the season, allowing players to obtain high-quality weapons by planting these seeds. This is what makes the tree so valuable and why it's so important.

A week later, the tree has spread to several other places across the island, including Logjam Lumberyard and Rave Cave. If the leaks are true, this is just the beginning as it will spread to many other places all over the island, causing huge changes.


The tree is very powerful and we can expect it to destroy several places of interest as it keeps spreading.

Egyptian Fortnite Leaker has shared some interesting details regarding the upcoming map changes on his Twitter account. The leaker claims that two more roots will grow at Logjam Lumberyard, while the tree will also spread to Condo Canyon and the Butter Barn.

The Reality Tree will continue to grow! Here are the minimap icons for the upcoming changes- 2 More roots will grow at Logjam Lumberyard- 1 at the temple near Condo Canyon- 1 near the Butter Barn

The tree expansion will not only make the island look different, but it will also make weapons and items more accessible. When this happens, Reality Seeds will be more common and players will be able to pick them up from just about any spot on the island.

Is the Zero Point safe?

The trailer for Chapter 3 Season 3 showed a mysterious person watching over the island. No one knows who this person is at the moment, but its head was shaped like a tree.

There are some theories that this is a new villain trying to take over the Zero Point. In the current season, the Zero Point is exposed underwater, and it won't be surprising if the Reality Tree spreads to it and takes it over.

Jonesy and The Foundation were last seen chasing after Geno, so maybe this season will be connected to the storyline after all. Considering that the current season is scheduled to end in September and a new questline is coming soon, we should get answers to our questions.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how far the tree will spread and what the map will look like after it's done.

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