Massive Fortnite Creative update to give players complete control over the game

The upcoming update for Creative mode will completely change Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
The upcoming update for Creative mode will completely change Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
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Fortnite Creative has drastically changed over the past few years. It has become the game's most successful mode and a lot of players choose to play it instead of the classic battle royale experience.

Due to this, Epic Games has decided to further develop Fortnite Creative, and the upcoming update will completely change the game.


According to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, 50% of the total playtime is taken up by playing creator-made experiences. This shows how successful the mode has been so far, and it's probably the future of Fortnite.

Many leakers have shared important information regarding the massive Fortnite Creative update the game's developers are working on. Once it comes out, the title will enter a new era.

Upcoming Fortnite Creative patch will allow players to control AI scripts, custom animations, and more

Back in 2020, Epic Games revealed a new Fortnite Creative patch that would allow creators to do many new things. Unfortunately, this new patch hasn't come out yet, but it should be in its final phases.

What makes this update so special is the addition of many new features, including scripting language and custom models! In short, Fortnite creators will be able to create their own custom features, add 3D models, and new and unique games within Fortnite Creative.

Here's a bunch of the functionalities that you will be able to use in Fortnite's upcoming scripting language named "Verse" for Creative 2.0!> Creating your own models> Spawning items> Storm controller (you can control pretty much everything about it)> AI scripting

InTheShade, a popular leaker on Twitter, recently shared a list of new features coming to the game mode. The list is quite long, but here are some of the most important additions that will be released:

  • Creating custom 3D models
  • Control of the storm
  • AI scripting
  • Events and event triggers
  • Full control of building
  • NPC control
  • Control of the particle system
  • Custom animations
  • Full control over in-game physics
  • Math calculations and algorithms

These are just some of the many new features that will be added to the game mode. Once the new update comes out, creators will have a lot more freedom to make their creations come to life!

Fortnite Creative's player count will significantly increase with new features

Besides this new update that will be coming soon, Fortnite creators will also be able to use huge islands that are much bigger than the current islands in the game mode.

There are some incredibly talented and creative Fortnite players, which is why we expect them to fully recreate the previous seasons of the game. After all, some creators have already done so, even with the limited tools they currently have at their disposal.

I don't know the release date but my guess would be late this season or early/mid next season, *UNLESS* if Epic finds game breaking bugs in it!

Epic Games probably wants this game mode to be the future of Fortnite. Creators will be able to fashion whatever they want, and players will have the freedom to choose any custom map they want to play.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and something that could help Fortnite stay popular for many years to come.

In just a year, it won't be surprising if the percentage of players who play the Creative mode goes up to 60 or even 70 percent. The new update may be released during Chapter 3 Season 4, but nothing has been confirmed by Epic yet.

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