How long will the Fortnite downtime last for v16.30: Release timing, leaks, bug fixes, and more

The Fortnite v16.30 drops today (Image via Twitter (@FortniteStatus))
The Fortnite v16.30 drops today (Image via Twitter (@FortniteStatus))
Amitesh Dhar

The Fortnite 16.30 update will go live in a couple of hours and approximately two hours of Fortnite downtime is expected. Like every major numbered update, this one today brings lots of interesting content for players and will add more content for the storyline to progress.

While there weren't any major leaks with regards to the Fortnite update today, it's known that a few new NPCs will be joining the island. Epic Games will be deploying a good number of bug fixes as well.

How long will the Fortnite downtime last for?

Following the trends from previous updates, the Fortnite downtime hopefully won't exceed two hours. If it's a very content-heavy update, then the downtime may go on for a bit longer.

But from the looks of it, it doesn't look large on content at this point. The Fortnite downtime is expected to begin at 4 AM ET (8:00 UTC).

As mentioned already, there haven't been any major leaks, except for the sound files of the Unstable Bow, while the Neymar Jr. skin goes live with this update.

As per the Neymar Jr. Fortnite Challenges, players need to talk to the Island's Soccer players. So far, there have been no soccer-related NPCs on the island, but it's evident that there will be new such NPCs on the island.

According to the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics, the caped crusader has made it to the island. With the storyline beginning to pick up in the comics, some Batman-related cosmetics can be expected within the game as well.

Once the Fortnite downtime ends, players can explore the final bits of the Spire Challenges.

Based on the information given out, Jonesy the First will go toe to toe with Raz. It's still unclear what the latter is up to at this time, but whatever he has planned, it doesn't look good for the Fortnite Island's residents. Jonesy seems like the only one who can stop him.

There are certain bug fixes that will go live with the Fortnite update today as well.

Having said that, the Fortnite update today is an important one with respect to the storyline. More information will be available once the Fortnite downtime ends.

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