How to redeem free Fortnite glider & wrap in Chapter 3 Season 2

Free rewards (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)
Free rewards (Image via FN_Assist on Twitter)

Fortnite players have been treated well recently. Not only was the Star Wars collaboration a huge success, but they were also treated to highly anticipated skins like Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, and Ali-A in the Icon Series.

What's even better is the number of free rewards they've been getting in recent memory. Recently, PC players were given a challenge pack to unlock several free cosmetics.

The Ash-Sassin pack is available on the Epic Games Store for free. Also recently announced, players can pick up free rewards simply by joining the Fortnite Italy Discord and completing challenges.

PlayStation + Fortnite | Supply LlamaLogin and complete Supply Llama community goals in Fortnite to receive in-game Wrap, PlayStation theme and many other rewards. Play today!Spotted VIA @MyBunnyMay

But that's not all, as Epic Games gives gamers even more for free. Certain players will be able to log in and sign up to complete challenges and unlock more cosmetics. Here's how.

PlayStation Fortnite players can unlock free rewards

Unfortunately for mobile, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC users, these rewards are exclusive to PlayStation. Eligible users can go to and sign in with their Epic Games account linked to PlayStation.


The challenges are very simple and will be completed organically. All players have to do is survive storm circles. Fortnite gamers organically do this as the goal is to survive storm phases until the end. Doing so now will, fortunately, go towards free cosmetics.

Players can unlock the following rewards:

  • PS4 Dynamic Theme loading screen
  • Midas PSN Avatar
  • Peely PSN Avatar
  • Aura PSN Avatar
  • Doggo PSN Avatar
  • Wild Card PSN Avatar
  • Rippley vs. Sludge PSN Avatar
  • A Lotta Llamas loading screen
  • Fresh Iridescense weapon wrap
  • Mecha Team Glider glider

To unlock all available cosmetics, loopers need to survive 75 storm phases. That may sound like a lot, but it's not that bad. In any given match, there are nine possible circles.

The storm (Image via Epic Games)
The storm (Image via Epic Games)

Generally speaking, players who don't die immediately will see around five per match. Most players will have completed these challenges in about 15-20 games.

There are several good ways to stay alive longer. For starters, landing somewhere quiet and off the path is a good idea. The less traffic there is, the longer the game will last.

Secondly, players can avoid conflict. It might be tough not to fire at a player who doesn't know anyone's around, but they might end up better than previously thought and end the match prematurely.

Finally, keeping healing items is an excellent way to prolong the match and see more storm circles.

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