How skill based matchmaking works in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite has implemented a new take on SBMM and the community is not too happy (Image via YouTube/ Muselk)
Fortnite has implemented a new take on SBMM and the community is not too happy (Image via YouTube/ Muselk)
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Fortnite, being an online multiplayer battle royale, has to implement a matchmaking system that will allow players across all platforms to get into lobbies that offer a fair match-up. Skill based matchmaking is a popular process for achieving equal lobbies, and Fortnite has its own algorithm for SBMM.

Recent news has suggested that Epic Games wishes to bring a few changes in the SBMM algorithm. Multiple content creators have also addressed the issue, as it seems alarming and comforting at the same time, depending on the skill level of a player.

If Fortnite could fix their SBMM... THAT WOULD BE GREAT

According to multiple sources, Fortnite changed its SBMM algorithm and the new process started taking effect from October 29, 2021. Therefore, players will play the majority of Chapter 2 Season 8 in the new SBMM algorithm. According to OG players in the game, this is ruining competitive fun in Fortnite.

New skill based matchmaking encourages bot lobbies in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite's latest take on skill-based matchmaking is not the best method that players have experienced over the years.

It increases the number of bots in the lobby based on the skill of the team leader. While this might be good news for players who are desperate to finish all their challenges and quests quickly, others who play the game for its competitive nature are affected negatively by the new SBMM algorithm.

Are u guys sure fortnite has sbmm 😳 this was at 5 in the morning

SBMM targets a player's skill and decides the skill level of a player before dropping them in a lobby. As per the new rules set by Fortnite's SBMM, matchmaking takes place in the following manner:

  • Solo- based on a player's individual skill and performance
  • Team- based on skill disparity
  • Two good players in duos will result in 10 AI bots in the lobby
  • 1 good player and 1 low skilled player will result in 35 AI bots in the lobby
  • Two low skilled players will result in 70 AI bots in the lobby

The rest of the players in every lobby will be filled with players from different platforms, including consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

This SBMM process is not healthy for players who want to become good in the game. Fighting against bots is relatively easy and the skill level technically does not rise even if low skilled players emerge on top in these lobbies with 70 bots.

However, the game will recognize a series of such wins as an increase in skill level and drop the player in tougher lobbies; with each win earning them more difficult competition in the future.

Okay if we'll get chapter 3 and SBMM still exists I'll quit Fortnite.I can't compete with all these sweaty kids anymore and I don't wanna waste my time learning piece control and all that shit that didn't exist in chapter 1...

Here's to hoping that the developers will tend to the matchmaking technique before next season drops in early December 2021.

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