"My Mom is kind of homeless": IShowSpeed fails to control laughter while crying Fortnite fan cries

The streamer who tried not to laugh (Image via IShowSpeed on YouTube)
The streamer who tried not to laugh (Image via IShowSpeed on YouTube)

Every so often, something happens in a Fortnite stream that might cause the streamer to break or lose focus. When they're playing a game and conversing back and forth with chat members, anything funny or sad or outrageous that's said in the chat might cause them to break their focus or stop for a moment.

This is exactly what happened on IShowSpeed's stream when a fan said something that caused him to stop playing entirely. He tried to hold back laughter, but simply could not continue playing the game. Here's what happened.

What made star Fortnite streamer IShowSpeed stop playing and nearly burst out in laughter

On stream, Speed appeared to be in a one versus one build battle in Fortnite Creative. He was building up and around in a clear Creative map while footsteps popped up nearby.


His opponent then said something that made him stop playing entirely and try not to laugh:

"Please, Speed. I need this. My mom is kind of homeless... I live with my dad. I want to help her out."

While the player cried his sob story to Speed, the streamer put down his controller and tried desperately not to laugh. Unfortunately, someone was watching the stream and revealed to the other player exactly what was happening:

"Speed. I'm watching your stream, why are you trying not to laugh? Bro, that's disrespectful as s***, bro. The f*** is wrong with you, bro? Stop f*****g laughing, bro! Look at you smiling, bro. You're disrespectful as s***, bro. You don't love your fans? You don't like your fans? Why are you laughing at your fans, bro? Nah, real s***, disrespectful as s***. I'm not f*****g laughing, Speed."

The player who said his mom was homeless heard this and cried:

"Why are you laughing at me?"

IShowSpeed never said anything, concentrating the entire time on not laughing out loud at his fan's misfortune.

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The Ali-A skin (Image via Epic Games)

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