New Fortnite Zero Build game mode is being developed

New no-building game mode is coming to Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games)
New no-building game mode is coming to Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games)

Adding Zero Build game modes to Fortnite Battle Royale turned out to be a fantastic idea by Epic Games. Even though building is what separates Fortnite from other games in the genre, removing it was brilliant.

Thanks to Zero Build modes, many players have returned to the game. Casual players with lower skill levels have fallen in love with these modes, while competitive players have also tried them out and liked them.

Epic Games is now working on expanding these no-building modes, and the latest Fortnite leaks reveal a future game mode that will be released at some point.

Zero Build mode is coming to a big battle

Ever since Fortnite Battle Royale was released, Epic Games has done hundreds of experiments with it. Many of these experiments have been successful, which is why the video game still has millions of daily active players.

One of the first experiments was adding a big-team limited-time game mode to Fortnite. Instead of a classic battle royale experience, players were separated into two teams of 50 players.

This limited-time game mode was perfect, especially for those who were new to the game and wanted to learn it. Some of the fights in it were incredible, and it went down as one of the best game modes in Fortnite history.

Later on, Epic Games released Team Rumble, another big-team game mode. Unlike 50v50, Team Rumble features respawns, and the game ends when one of the teams hits the elimination goal.

Due to the success of Team Rumble, Epic Games turned it into a permanent mode. The game is now in its 21st season, yet Team Rumble is still very popular. Casual players use it to have fun, while skilled players use it to warm up.

It seems that the Fortnite creator is currently working on the Zero Build variant of Team Rumble. iFireMonkey, one of the most popular Fortnite leakers, revealed this interesting information on his Twitter profile.

It appears Epic Games is working on a Zero Build version of Team Rumble, as data for a Zero Build "Big Battle" LTM was added this update!

The leaker believes that the Fortnite creator is developing a new Zero Build limited-time game mode that will most likely be a new version of Team Rumble. The release date of this mode is currently unknown, but there is no doubt it will be very popular once it comes out.

Is Zero Build the future of Fortnite?

Epic Games has drastically benefited from Zero Build modes in Fortnite Battle Royale as this big change has increased the playerbase. While building structures is fun, even Fortnite players sometimes just want to chill and have classic gun-to-gun action.

Zero build Fortnite comp is actually so much fun

The game developer has already released some competitive no-building game modes, and there have been rumors about Zero Build Arena as well.

Obviously, these modes are extremely popular, so we can expect Epic Games to expand them and make them even more fun. After all, it wouldn't be surprising if the game creator releases some classic limited-time game modes with no-building rules.

It would be great to play Solid Gold, Blitz, and other great LTMs without building mechanics. Considering the direction Fortnite is heading in, it is very likely that this will happen in the future.

Don't forget the leaked first-person view. It would be a fantastic addition to many game modes that have no building mechanics.

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