Fortnite 15.50 update patch notes: Female Midas (Marigold) arrives, End-of-season-event, Free V-Bucks, Family Guy, and more

Midas has returned, but not as anticipated (Image via Sportskeeda)
Midas has returned, but not as anticipated (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite 15.50 update is finally here.

This patch is probably the last major update of this season and is bound to bring some really interesting content to the game. Most importantly, given that this season concludes in approximately two weeks, Epic Games might reveal some details about the event at the end of the season, provided there is one happening.

Although the publisher hasn't released any patch notes, like the previous seasons, here is the same for today's Fortnite update 15.50.

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Fortnite 15.50 update patch notes

#1 - New cosmetics

Like every other update in Fortnite, players will receive a new range of cosmetics after updating the game. The weekly item shop will feature many new skins and other related cosmetics, including wraps and backpacks.

#2 - New bundles

Fortnite pro Shane "EpikWhale" Cotton received a locker bundle with the 15.50 update. The bundle features two different skins and backblings along with one emote.

Harley "Fresh" Campbell, the Australian YouTuber, also got a bundle with the update, featuring an exclusive skin, a pickaxe, and a backbling.

#3 - Female Midas (Marigold)

Female Midas, aka Marigold, has been on the cards for a while now. She has finally joined the game as part of the Fortnite 15.50 update and can go completely gold.

The skin also has its own set of golden pickaxes and a backbling, which looks like a weapons bag.

Marigold comes with her own set of challenges. From the looks of it, players can complete these challenges to earn 1500 V-Bucks in Fortnite.

#4 - First hints towards a possible end-of-season event

This new loading screen, which comes with the Fortnite 15.50 update, shows players jumping off with their gliders while the battle bus explodes in the sky.

Now, this could be a hint at the end-of-season event that's yet to come, or it may be related to Season 6 in Fortnite. Whatever the case may be, there are chances of changes happening to the map.

#5 - New LTMs

The Floor is Lava Disarmed is a new LTM that fans will see after the Fortnite 15.50 update. Players will have to keep building higher and higher to get away from the lava.

There's also another LTM called Bodyguard. In this mode, there will be one VIP who can't pick up weapons. But then, this player will have a rechargeable revive grenade and a legendary pistol.

The others in the team will play the role of bodyguards. If the VIP gets eliminated, then the entire team loses.

#6 - New portal

There's a new portal that is apparently called SmallFry.

The code tied to it is FrenchFry, which also happens to be connected to the Peter Griffin textures previously leaked. This points to the fact that there will be some Family Guy-related content in the game soon.

#7 - Zero Point

Data miners have uncovered information leading them to believe that the Zero Point will destabilize after the Fortnite 15.50 update. These events are very similar to those from Chapter 1 Season 9.

Apparently, after the Fortnite update today, the Zero Point will be sending out four waves over the next few weeks as it destabilizes.

Data miners expect these waves to act as small events in the game, which lead up to Season 6.

#8 - Music packs

As of the Fortnite update today, the game will feature new music packs. Epic has gone rather rustic, adding a new dimension to the kind of music seen in-game.

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