Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 could be another Marvel-themed season with a catastrophic villian

Fortnite may be following up the Nexus War (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite may be following up the Nexus War (Image via Epic Games)
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One of the biggest seasons for Fortnite, and one of its most epic live events, was Chapter 2 Season 4. The fully collaborative season was a huge success, with many players still using the Marvel skins they received back then. With that success in mind, it makes total sense for Epic Games to consider yet another Marvel storyline.

This isn't just a wishful idea coming from Marvel fans. There is some weight behind the theory that next season will be another fully collaborative season, likely mirroring the Nexus War.

Why Fortnite could do another Marvel season soon

This theory comes courtesy of Clen on YouTube, and he makes some incredibly valid points. There was a ton of marketing for Chapter 3, namely including the phrases "Flipside" and "Winter is coming".


Naturally, Chapter 3 Season 1 has been about the map being flipped, so the first of those two phrases came true immediately.

An argument can be made that "Winter is coming" refers to the snow on the map for this season, but that seems a bit out of character for Epic to tease something so minor.

The other big possibility would have been Game of Thrones. The phrase hails from the show and was a big part of its narrative. However, given how adult-oriented Game of Thrones is, it's very unlikely that Fortnite will collaborate with it.

Fun Fact: Remember Black Winter? In Thor's comic, he is the Devourer of realities! Silver Surfer warns Thor, that Black Winter devoured the universe before theirs, which is... The DC Universe! Theorize on that and its relation with Fortnite ๐Ÿ˜‰#Fortnite

When Galactus arrived, it wasn't just for a Marvel season. Well, it was, but Epic Games has always had an in-universe reason for every collaboration. In this case, it was because of the Black Hole Event.

Fortnite players know all of this because of a tie-in canon comic that detailed the whole story. In that story, Thor and Galactus briefly mention that they're fighting Black Winter, a fearsome Marvel villain.

Black Winter is a dangerous villain (Image via Marvel)
Black Winter is a dangerous villain (Image via Marvel)

Not much else was mentioned about it, but nothing is done without reason. "Winter is coming" could refer to Black Winter, who is a much worse version of Galactus.

How Epic Games will pull this off remains to be seen. They have used plenty of Marvel characters already, so a full battle pass of skins would be difficult to produce.

WAIT. I HAD A MAJOR REALIZATION. Galactus was trying to stop the Black Winter with Thor,but now that Galactus is not going to be able to stop it due to being too attracted to the Zero Point's matter reorganization. The Black Winter MIGHT ARRIVESeason 5 THEME???? #Fortnite

Ultimately, this is just a theory, but it does make a lot of sense. Time will tell, since Chapter 3 Season 1 only has about a month left anyway.

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