Fortnite could force Google and Apple to give up 'full control' of App store(s), say reports

Fortnite could force Apple and Google to give up their authority over the App stores (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite could force Apple and Google to give up their authority over the App stores (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite developer Epic Games might be able to force Google and Apple to give up their authority over transactions made in their respective app stores, according to various reports. It all started when Tim Sweeney criticized the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes on every transaction that is made in the Apple Store.

Apparently, Google also takes a revenue cut on transactions made in the Play Store. Accordingly, the tech giants do not allow publishers to have other in-app purchasing methods.

Here's how the recent trial could change the workings of Google and Apple app stores.

Apple and Google face global backlash after removing Fortnite from their App stores

Both Apple and Google have removed Fortnite from their app stores by saying that Epic Games broke the rules of their platforms. The publisher had added a direct payment option to the game, due to which the app store owners couldn't get their cut of the revenue.


In their defense, Apple and Google have claimed that their sovereignty is pivotal in keeping the devices secure, and it is against consumers if third-party payment options are introduced.

However, many countries haven't bought this explanation. The European Union, United Kingdom, and Japan have initiated their investigations on Apple's App store policy. Netherlands, on the other hand, has already fined the company $5 million for not being liberal with its policies.

Apple said they care about users so much they made “privacy” changes that made their ad revenue go up & ad revenue of social apps go down.This same company “cares so much about users” it’s being fined weekly in Netherlands because it won’t lower prices for IAP in dating apps.

As of now, South Korea is the only country that has explicitly ordered Apple and Google Store to allow third-party systems in their apps.

Long story short, Epic Games sued Apple for not changing its App Store policy. In-game micro transactions are the biggest source of revenue for developers in Fortnite, and they are against the service free charged by the App store owners.

Following months of court battles, many states and companies have sided with the Fortnite developer. Even though the issue at hand has aggravated a lot, the battle royale game was the primary reason why Epic Games sued Apple in the first place.


It is evident that Epic Games is willing to do anything and everything to get its fair share of revenue from Fortnite skins that are purchased on Android and iOS devices.

The Open App Markets Act can violate consumer rights, argue Google and Apple

Both Google and Apple seem reluctant to make any changes to the existing policies of their App stores. They've claimed that the Open App Markets Act, if passed, could hinder the privacy of consumers.

Having said that, the companies have reduced the service fees from 30% to 15% for many developers. In addition, certain small developers will be helped with funds.

As reported by Axios, Epic Games, Spotify, and other members of The Coalition for App Fairness group aren't satisfied with such changes. As a result, they've proposed an Open App Markets Act that might win Senate Judiciary Committee Approval soon.


Many fans are eager to see which side wins the ongoing court battle. At the end of the day, they only want the battle royale game to return to iOS as well as Android devices.

It is too early to predict how the aforementioned developments will affect the future of Fortnite on Apple and Google Play Stores. For now, it is unlikely that the game will return to any of the platforms.

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