Fortnite Khaby Lame skin and emote revealed ahead of Chapter 4 Season 4

Khaby Lame is headed to Fortnite (Image via MetaGoons on Twitter)
Khaby Lame is headed to Fortnite (Image via MetaGoons on Twitter)

Fortnite is bringing Khaby Lame to the metaverse. The popular social media sensation has gone viral more than a few times for offering silent, deadpan explanations to strange videos. He is one of the most followed people on social media thanks to his simple yet hilarious content. Now, Epic Games is partnering with him to bring a skin into Chapter 4 Season 4.

This was first revealed in the official Chapter 4 Season 4 trailer. Here's what we know about the upcoming release.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 introduces Khaby Lame

In the trailer, a new island with some dark themes is shown. The storyline is taking things to a whole new place. Naturally, there will be novel characters to go along with it. Easter eggs from past seasons are present, and so are a few skins that can be expected in the next battle pass, including Khaby Lame, a new anime cell-shaded skin, and several others who jump out of the battle bus.

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It's their turn to save the island from the nefarious evil-doers. It's clearly spy-themed, just like the leaks suggested.

Khaby Lame's signature pose, where he points dramatically to a much simpler solution to a problem, is present as well. One character blasts through a wall, but Lame is able to walk right through the door with no issues. According to ShiinaBR, that emote is reportedly going to be in-game.

The season is titled Last Resort and is coming on August 25 at 4 am EST. That is when the downtime is expected to finish. At that time, players can begin unlocking these skins.

There's no indication of what Khaby Lame will feature as in the Fortnite Battle Pass. That said, since he has an emote, it can be assumed that he will either be the tier 100 skin or the secret skin.

If it's the tier 100 skin, then Fortnite players can begin unlocking him as soon as the season goes live. If he's the secret skin, they will have to wait until roughly the mid-season.

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