Fortnite leak reveals new portals arriving in future season

Fortnite's portal concept could be game-changer for future seasons (Image via Twitter/XxDeplexerxX)

If there's one thing that Fortnite does exceptionally well, it is its unique mechanics. It's one of the few battle royale games to have a fully functioning parkour system, which includes mantling, vaulting, sliding, and high jumps. Keeping aside movement, many more features give the game its flavor.

Sadly, given the size and scope of things, not every ideation makes it into the game. Some prove to be too difficult to implement or take longer than expected to complete. If the feature makes no sense for the current season's theme, adding it in-game brings no additional value.

The portal. 🚪something i made for fun. 🙂#Fortnite #FortniteArt #FortniteCreative

Such is the case with the newly discovered unreleased "portal" feature. According to veteran leaker HYPEX, Epic Games scrapped a concept that would have allowed players to travel or "hop through" portals in-game.

Scrapped Portal feature would have been a game-changer in Fortnite

Seems like Epic had a portals feature planned for Ch2S5. They were also working on one this season for Reality Saplings but it probably got delayed again. (Concept by Epic Employee "Brèlan Gale", Thanks @SentinelCentral for pointing this out)

Brought to attention a few minutes ago is a concept for working portals in Fortnite. Epic Employee designed these portals, "Brèlan Gale," which would have allowed players to move across great distances easily. The illustration shows players entering the portal and vanishing from sight.

Once closed, it leaves residual effects such as clouds, plasma, and sparkles. While there's no information on how this item or feature would have worked in-game, taking inspiration from Wraith's portals from Apex Legends gives a good idea.


If this theory holds, players would be able to open a portal to a sub-dimension within the same reality and move through it safely. They would take no damage and come out unscathed on the other side. The portals could have also operated based on predetermined point-to-point routes.

They could have appeared on the island in certain areas, and upon using them, players would be teleported to a fixed location on the map. Much like the Rift generators near the Seven Outposts, something similar could have been done for these portals. This leads to an interesting question as to why they were canceled.

Why cancel this fantastic feature?

While there's no concrete theory to state the exact reason the feature was canned, it was likely due to lack of time. As stated, if a feature doesn't make sense in the storyline, adding it brings no value. According to HYPEX, the feature was planned to be introduced during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Since Agent Jones was sent to the island to try and stop anyone from escaping, adding portals would have made so much sense. Based on the leaks, Epic was even working on portals for this season but likely had to scrap the idea due to delays.

@HYPEX @SentinelCentral This would be so refreshing and cool, really hope that it doesn't get scrapped

While it is sad that this portal feature never made it in-game, there's always a possibility for it to be implemented in later seasons. Since time travel and reality-jumping are part and parcel of the storyline, there's always scope to have the feature in-game. The only question is when.

Hopefully, the developers will figure something out and bring this amazing concept to life in Fortnite sooner rather than later. Until then, players will have to be happy with the Rifts alongside other basic means of teleportation and transportation.

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