Fortnite leaks suggest Mandalorian collaboration coming soon

Fortnite leaks suggest Mandalorian collaboration coming soon (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/Levia_Lotus)
Fortnite leaks suggest Mandalorian collaboration coming soon (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite||X/Levia_Lotus)

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, another Mandalorian collaboration is in development for several IPs belonging to Epic Games. The information was brought to light by leakers/data miners SamLeakss and RocketPlanetGG. Based on the details, the collaboration will mostly be targeted towards Rocket League. However, with Fortnite Rocket Racing being cross-capability with Rocket League, the collaboration will likely spill over.

On that note, having a major collaboration with Mandalorian is a huge deal for fans. Given how popular the franchise is, the community has always looked forward to it. That being said, here is what players can expect to see in the upcoming Mandalorian collaboration with Fortnite Rocket Racing and Rocket League.

Fortnite leaks hint at major Mandalorian collaboration for Fortnite Rocket Racing and Rocket League

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According to SamLeakss, the upcoming Mandalorian collaboration will entail a lot of cosmetics. Here are the details:

  • Brand new Mandalorian Vehicle
  • Cross-compatibility with Fortnite Rocket Racing and Rocket League
  • Rocket League collaboration will also feature a small event with free rewards
  • Shop Bundle with decals in Rocket League

Based on the information from the aforementioned Fortnite leaks, the collaboration should start around May 3, 2024. This lines up with Star Wars Day (May 4). It will likely continue for a few days or perhaps a week or two, depending on how good the reception is.

Aside from the Mandalorian collaboration, an X-Men collaboration is in the works as well for Rocket League. Given that Disney owns the franchise, this too will most likely be added to the game soon. Based on the timeline, April 23, 2024, is the speculated date. An X-Men Bundle will also be featured in-game.

Rocket Racing Season 1: Neon Nights

Aside from Fortnite leaks pertaining to upcoming collaborations, it would seem that Fortnite Rocket Racing Season 1 will be called Neon Nights. While the naming scheme would suggest a setting similar to what was seen in Mega City (Named Location) during Chapter 4 Season 2, it's all based on speculation at the moment.

Based on the blog post provided by Epic Games, there is a release date on hand. With Season Zero quests ending on April 9, 2024, Season 1 will be released on the given date. This also happens to be a Tuesday, which is when usually Epic Games pushes new content to the game via updates.

That being said, more Fortnite leaks about the same should surface soon enough and provide insight into what players can expect. For the time being, this is all the information there is on hand.

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