Fortnite players lose it on Twitter after 'Sweats vs Casuals' debate spirals out of control

Sparkplug is a very-popular sweaty skin in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Sparkplug is a very-popular sweaty skin in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The Sweets vs. Casuals debate (players who play aggressively vs. players who play casually) is a never-ending part of Fortnite. It has been around for quite some time and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. As long as Sweats and Casuals find themselves in the same lobby as each other, the debate will rage on.

One player took to Twitter to voice a little bit of frustration, which led to several other players doing the same. Sweats tried to join the debate, but were largely shut down by the other side.

Fortnite players take to Twitter to vent about Sweats

The initial tweet was simply there to get anyone who "hates Sweats" to like, retweet and interact with the post. From there, everyone took the opportunity to voice their displeasure.

Do you hate sweaty arena kids?#Fortnite#FortniteChapter3

A couple of players claim they can't even play the game anymore because of the amount of Sweats they face in a given match.

Sweats are frustrating for many (Image via Twitter)
Sweats are frustrating for many (Image via Twitter)

Others noted that once a cosmetic becomes 'sweaty,' it's no longer usable. This can be frustrating for many Fortnite players.

@whit3ly Starwand is such a good pickaxe yet I can’t ever wear it because of it’s reputation :(

Others were hoping that certain skins wouldn't ever become sweaty, and thus, unusable. Casuals don't want to be confused for or lumped in with Sweats.

@MICHAELSWORLD23 True! The Foundation is much better than superhero/aura skin (PLZ SWEATS DON'T MASSACRE MY BOI)

A common rebuttal from the Sweats is that casual players just need to get better. However, it's not always a skill issue and many casuals simply don't want to play that way. That's why that argument is so frustrating.

@whit3ly I have a strong opinion on sweats, to the point where I hate star wand and dislike the majority of sweat skins. it is hard to play a game of Fn without running into a player who can build the burj khalifa. and to say "Get good" won't help as it is not proper advice.

Sweats took a bit of issue with this particular entry to the debate. They believe their skill level is impressive rather than annoying.

@whit3ly Just because I'm better than you dont mean u gotta be hating

Given that their skill level is pretty high, the "get good" argument does hold water.

@whit3ly @JoshFortnite8 it’s easy to get good lol

Other players saw it as an opportunity to troll.

@whit3ly iam a sweaty person who flicks their shotgun and pickaxe really fast

Finally, one player in particular enjoys Sweats as part of the game.

@whit3ly Best part about the game honestly

Skill-based matchmaking was introduced as a way to alleviate this issue. As a result, Sweats would theoretically not end up in the same lobbies as Casuals.

Ultimately, skill-based matchmaking has not fixed the problem. Fortnite did alter it at the beginning of Chapter 3 (more on that here), but many players are still experiencing the same issues.

Until that is completely resolved, which may never happen, this debate will rage on and Casuals will continue to be frustrated.

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