Fortnite pro Benjyfishy quits game to become Valorant pro

Fortnite Pro Benjyfishy
Benjyfishy quits Fortnite Competitive and decides to go pro in Valorant League (Image via Epic Games)

In a recent shocker to Fortnite's competitive scene, NRG Esports confirmed that their top pro player Benjyfishy is now a free agent and will pursue his career without them to go pro in Valorant. Although the announcement was made by Benjy himself earlier this year, the termination of his contract with NRG was unexpected.

Benjy David Fish, popularly known as Benjyfishy in the gaming scene, is an English esports player who rose to fame after his brilliant performance in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. He qualified four times in the EU qualifiers and to date, has won over $15 Million in Fortnite tournaments across the globe.

Quitting Competitive Fortnite

Earlier this year, Benjy showed his distaste for the Fortnite Competitive scene as there were too many pro players rising up and populating the esports category, besides the game not being as impressive as it was back in 2019.

He would then often switch to Valorant on his live streams and show off his aiming skills, before he began participating in tournaments.

After realizing there was potential in the rising Valorant pro scene, he made an official announcement in June 2022 that he was going to quit Epic's competitive Battle Royale to make a career in Riot Games' first-person shooter.

Last week, NRG, Benjy's esports team made an official announcement regarding his participation with the team in the future.

Esports organization NRG announces Fortnite pro Benjyfishy is now a free agent

Today, @Benjyfishy is taking the next step in his path to going pro in VALORANT by officially becoming a F/A to open his team opportunities.While he may have to put on a new jersey, he will forever be a part of the #NRGFam, and we can’t wait to support him in his new chapter.

Esports organization NRG announced Benjyfishy's exit from the team in a dedicated video showcasing his journey throughout the years as a pro player. Benjy joined the organization in 2019 and has been playing with the likes of Mongraal, MrSavage, and Mitr0 as their duo and squad partner.

Towards the end of the video, NRG Executive Producer Grady Rains conveyed a heartfelt message to Benjy and his fans, and expressed his gratitude for how Benjy built a strong team for the English esports organization. He went on to explain how Benjy is now exploring opportunities with other teams who possess a strong pro background with Valorant and are already well-reputed at VCT.

Grady further expressed how he wishes that Benjy retires with NRG and ends his career as an esports athlete from where he began his journey. Benjy replied in the comments section about how grateful he is for NRG's support and the love shown by Grady Reins.

As Benjy retires from competitive Fortnite, several new pros like Anas, Setty, and Kami are setting world records by winning some major tournaments in 2022.

However, several veterans like Bugha and Clix are also exploring opportunities in the Valorant competitive scene as they see a bright future with Riot Games' top first-person shooter as a core game in the esports vertical.

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