Fortnite Team Brawl Mode explained: Release date, how to play and other details

Team Brawl. Image via ShiinaBR on Twitter
Team Brawl. Image via ShiinaBR on Twitter
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Fortnite has officially released a brand new Limited Time Mode. LTMs have been a successful addition to Fortnite. Most LTMs are widely appreciated, and the day they ultimately leave Fortnite is often a sad day for many players.

There have been some incredible games in the form of these LTMs, like Team Rumble, The Floor is Lava, 50 v 50, Solid Gold and more. Now, Team Brawl is entering the ring, and it will be looking to change the game and make a name for itself. Here are all the details about the latest LTM making its way into Fortnite.

Solid Gold. Image via Fortnite on Twitter
Solid Gold. Image via Fortnite on Twitter

Team Brawl in Fortnite

While there is a lot going on in Fortnite (the abduction and destruction of the island, the Rift Tour and more), Epic Games hasn't stopped working on high quality LTMs. LTMs provide players with the opportunity to try something new.

In a game that consists of dropping onto an island and fighting to the death (which can be a bit repetitive), that can be vital to retaining a player base. The latest in a long line of great LTMs is the all-new Team Brawl.

This LTM marks a change for Fortnite. They're planning on doing some really different things in this one. No other Fortnite LTM has had respawning without skydiving and gliding back down. No other Fortnite LTM has changed loadouts as rapidly as this. There are several interesting points to consider about this game mode.

  • The first team to 60 eliminations win.
  • Every time a player respawns, they get a new loadout.
  • Small storm circle.
  • Takes place on a single POI on the island.
  • Buildings are stronger in this mode.

Much like other LTMs, the game is to a set number of eliminations, 60 in this case. Each time a player respawns, their loadout changes, which is something entirely new and will likely be a really enjoyable change of pace for long-time Fortnite players. The storm circle being small emphasizes the battle - something a lot of other LTMs have tried to do as well.

Fortnite skydiving. Image via Fortnite, Push Square
Fortnite skydiving. Image via Fortnite, Push Square

Limiting it to a single POI removes players who just want to get in and do challenges for the most part (something Team Rumble may consider), and buildings are stronger, making it a more challenging game mode.

Will this join the upper echelons of Fortnite LTMs?

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