Fortnite update v17.40: What to expect, leaks and more

Potential new POI. Image via Epic Games
Potential new POI. Image via Epic Games

According to data miner TweaBR, the next update to Fortnite could be a big one. The update has been tested nearly 700 times, which is uncommon for the almost weekly updates that Fortnite puts out.

v17.40 can be expected to carry a lot of weight for the game. With Chapter 2 Season 7 winding down and Chapter 2 Season 8 set to begin sometime in mid September, the updates now could have huge effects on the storyline and the game itself.

With v17.40 set to be released very soon, players can begin anticipating one of the biggest in-season updates in recent memory. The leaks and rumors are huge, so here's what to expect for Fortnite v.17.40.

Fortnite v17.40 leaks, rumors and more

Recently, data miners uncovered files that seemed to be pertaining to some kind of Among Us x Fortnite crossover. Now, there's an image from a new POI set to come with the update that seems to hint even further at the crossover.

It seems very likely that this crossover won't just serve as another collaboration. Rather, it seems like the Imposters and the other things coming with them will be related to the alien invasion; perhaps aliens will be impersonating players.

The Among Us crossover would be a huge addition to the game, but that isn't even the biggest addition that has been rumored. The Rift Tour, prior to being released, had over 400 builds and as mentioned, this update will have over 700, signifying the massive scale.

There is also a rumor of a new game mode coming to Fortnite. The new Saturn Limited Time Mode is an open world game mode that Fortnite has been teasing. Epic Games did say it wanted to expand Fortnite beyond just battle royale, and the developer seems intent on doing so in this update.

Saturn LTM
Saturn LTM

While the Among Us mode is said to influence the storyline, there hasn't been a lot leaked on that front. Donald Mustard has stated that the end of Season 7, which is currently happening, will have some huge things coming.

With the size of the 17.40 update, it seems like big events, potentially unexpected, might start happening now. The storyline is careening towards a finale, and things are heating up with every passing day.

The expected release date for v17.40 is tomorrow, August 17.

Edited by Ashish Yadav
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