Fortnite x Lewis Hamilton collaboration: Outfits, challenges, and more

Fortnite x Lewis Hamilton collaboration: Outfits, challenges, and more
Fortnite and Lewis Hamilton are set to join hands for a historic collaboration. (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

In a new groundbreaking collaboration, Fortnite is set to welcome one of the world's most popular race car drivers, Lewis Hamilton. This exciting partnership is expected to bring a unique and interesting blend of content to the already action-packed Chapter 4 Season 5. Taking players on a nostalgic trip, this season brought back the OG Chapter 1 map, delighting long-time fans with a landscape they knew and loved.

As players gear up for their adventures on that map, the collaboration with Lewis Hamilton adds a welcome twist to the game's experience.

Everything we know about the Fortnite x Lewis Hamilton collaboration

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The Lewis Hamilton skin is set to release on November 17, and while there are no known challenges currently associated with this collaboration, the imminent release of v27.10 tomorrow, November 16, can bring some.

As players eagerly await this update, it's possible that challenges related to the collaboration might be introduced, adding an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the game.

The primary focus of this partnership is the Lewis Hamilton skin. True to Fortnite's fashion-forward trend, the outfit will be available in multiple styles. Moreover, it will come accompanied by a themed glider, back bling, and pickaxe.

With the attention to detail and care synonymous with Fortnite collaborations, players can expect a stunning outfit and immersive cosmetics to go with it.

Lewis Hamilton collaboration to make history in the metaverse

Lewis Hamilton's skin is set to join the prestigious Icon Series in the game, marking this the first time a Formula 1 personality has made their way to the Fortnite metaverse.

While its exact price is not yet known, based on the previous pricing pattern of other Icon Series skins and collaborative outfits, players can expect the Lewis Hamilton skin to fall within the range of 1,500-2,000 V-Bucks. This limited-edition outfit is highly likely to become one of the most coveted items among Fortnite enthusiasts.

Additionally, as the first personality from Formula 1 to be integrated into this game as part of the Icon Series, Lewis Hamilton's presence marks a landmark moment for fans.

The collaboration will likely serve as a bridge between gaming and motorsports communities, bringing both worlds together in the ever-expanding universe of the game.

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