Here is what Coral Castle looks like after Fortnite v17.40 update

The abduction of  Coral Castle (Image via Twitter/Top5Gamingx)
The abduction of Coral Castle (Image via Twitter/Top5Gamingx)
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Fortnite v17.40 was released several hours ago and has already made some significant changes to the game. A new Exotic weapon, Wild Weeks, the return of suppressed weapons, Fortnite Impostors Mode and the destruction of Coral Castle have all been added to the game. These new additions are greatly significant but no greater than what is happening to Coral Castle.

The destruction of Coral Castle was leaked a while ago, but the process of this occurrence has been slow moving. Finally, after Fortnite v17.40 was released, it seems some real headway is being made toward that goal. The first real changes to the POI have begun. Here's what it looks like now.

Coral Castle after Fortnite v17.40 update

Coral Castle has been the subject of many leaks regarding its impending demise. When Tilted Towers was teased, many Fortnite Chapter 1 POIs were rumored to be returning and an underground POI was said to be coming. Coral Castle was the site that many expected to be the epicenter of the map change. It was the most likely POI to go, which would open the door for a new (or old one) to enter. Now, it seems as if that is finally underway.

The abduction of Coral Castle has begun. Following the v17.40 update, the changes to Coral Castle have been massive. The abduction is being carried out by the Mothership, much like it did for Slurpy Swamp. Many chunks of the island have been pulled up from the ground. Several IO bases have been set up in and around Coral Castle. Most of the POI is within the low-gravity beam from the Mothership.

There's currently no sign of the underground POI, nor any hints at what POI (if an old one is returning) will take its place. Currently, the pieces of Coral Castle have been yanked by the Mothership and are slowly being pulled upwards.

The Mothership (Image via Epic Games)
The Mothership (Image via Epic Games)

On a rather interesting note, The Mothership has returned to its original position while Coral Castle is being transferred. It's no longer directly over the Fortnite island. What this means, however, remains to be seen.

What will become of Coral Castle?

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