How to vote for unvaulting the Fortnite Shockwave launcher in Season 8

Steps to vote for the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Fortnite Status/Twitter)
Steps to vote for the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher in Chapter 2 Season 8 (Image via Fortnite Status/Twitter)

Given a show of solidarity from gamers, it is possible that the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher could return for Season 8. Epic has rolled out a new polling system that allows gamers to vote for their favorite weapon or in-game item.

In the first set of polls, Shockwave Launcher and the Rift-To-Go are pitched against each other. The developers will unvault the winner of this poll.

With the recent release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, the return of the Cubes has excited many gamers. They have been busy grinding XP to rank up and unlock the Battle Pass rewards.

The new poll system has fueled the excitement, and gamers are quite eager to vote for the return of Fortnite Shockwave Launchers.

Fortnite Shockwave Launcher: How to vote to unvault the item

Epic Games recently added an exclusive poll feature. As of now, there will be four rounds of polls, each of which will feature two different in-game items and weapons.

There is the Shockwave Launcher on one side for the first Funding Station votes and the Rift-To-Go on the other side.

Upcoming Funding Station Votes:Round 1: Legendary Shockwave Launcher VS Rift-To-GoRound 2:"Recoil Assault Rifle" VS "Recoil SMG"Round 3:Boogie Bomb VS Combat ShotgunRound 4:Proximity Grenade Launcher VS Epic Flint-Knock Pistol (doesn't exist in the files)

The Funding Boards spawn at multiple locations on the map. Gamers can cast their votes at any outlet. The Funding Boards will showcase the two voting options to choose from, and there will be the option to cast a vote.

Players have to spend 50 Gold Bars for each vote. Since there is no restriction regarding the voting numbers, players can cast their votes innumerable times.

To unvault the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher, gamers will be required to visit any Funding Board. Once gamers reach their destination, toggle the vote option on the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher.

As of right now the Shockwave Launcher is a little over 2x more funded then the Rift-To-Go is.There is a bright side for those wanting Rift-To-Gos to return, as of right now the Fishing Collection book is set to see the return of Rift Fish (unless Epic removes it next update)

The item that wins the poll will be unvaulted in the game. However, Epic will take some time to unvault as the poll will take a considerable amount of time to finish.

The voting procedure is quite simple, and gamers will have no difficulty casting their choice. Gamers who wish for the return of the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher should waste no time and vote religiously for it.

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