Lil Nas X reacts to his Fortnite skin concept, leaves Twitter ecstatic 

Lil Nas X. Image via
Lil Nas X. Image via

Lil Nas X has taken the music world by storm, and Fortnite might want to pay attention. Following his ascent to stardom, Roblox got Lil Nas X to do a live concert in-game, much like Fortnite did with Travis Scott.

While Roblox arguably made the most of their decision, Lil Nas X has only gotten more popular since then.

Lil Nas X virtual concert. Image via Roblox Blog
Lil Nas X virtual concert. Image via Roblox Blog

Lil Nas X released the highly controversial MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) and custom Nike shoes. The music video for the song drove some people crazy but his popularity only seemed to rise.

Lil Nas X released yet another controversial music video for his latest single, Industry Baby. Fortnite has used artists before and not many can claim the level of stardom that Lil Nas X now commands.

Industry Baby. Image via Vulture
Industry Baby. Image via Vulture

A Fortnite concept artist created a skin for Lil Nas X and the community seems to love it. Even Lil Nas X enjoyed it.

Lil Nas X Fortnite concept skin is a hit on Twitter

D3NNI, a verified Fortnite concept artist, created a skin for Lil Nas X. Whether or not he ever makes his way into the world of Fortnite remains to be seen, but the majority of the community, including Lil Nas X himself, love it. While a few Twitter users did not like the skin, the vast majority have responded with overwhelming support.

The artist even came up with some variations because Fortnite often releases variations with their skins.

Even Lil Nas X liked the skin as he responded and even posted the image to his Instagram story. Lil Nas X often does things with the sole purpose of driving his popularity up, so becoming "the guy from Fortnite" is right on brand for him.

For some, this is the best concept they've seen from this particular artist.

One player was even left almost speechless.

One would really like to see Lil Nas X make his way into the Fortnite Icon Series, joining LeBron James, Harry Kane, Neymar Jr. and more.

Some would like to see Travis Scott's skin make its return, but are happy with the idea of this skin nonetheless.

It's safe to say the community is really happy with this one.

Will Fortnite ever add a Lil Nas X skin or have a concert for him?

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