Midas and his army are returning in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

The Fortnite First Shadows set (Image via Epic Games)
The Fortnite First Shadows set (Image via Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

Midas is one of the most prominent lore characters in all of Fortnite and is looking to make an impressive return in Chapter 2 Season 8.

Before being cast out of the battle royale island in Fortnite, Midas was on top of the world. His golden touch and an army to to control the island was all this devious villain ever needed.

Clearly, things haven't gone his way multiple times, but that doesn't seem to have stopped this major baddie. In a new Fortnite Crew set called The First Shadows, Midas' minions are available for players to claim and use.

The First Shadows Fortnite Crew set

Three operatives, one golden touch.Subscribe to Fortnite Crew from September through November to get The First Shadows Set and earn bonus styles for all 3 Outfits

The First Shadows set will be taking over Fortnite Crew for the next three months. The following skins will be available to Fortnite Crew members from September through November:

  • September: The Burning Wolf, Midas' first enforcer
  • October: Chaos Origins, Midas' first redeemed
  • November: Sierra, Midas' first pardoned

For Crew members that collect all three First Shadows skins, a bonus style will be unlocked for each of them. This will be granted as a bonus once the third and final skin is released in November.

How to join Fortnite Crew

The Burning Wolf in September's Crew pack. (Image via Epic Games)
The Burning Wolf in September's Crew pack. (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Crew members receive exclusive content as well as every Battle Pass for the seasons they remain subscribed to. Additionally, they also receive a bonus 1,000 V-Bucks every month.

To purchase a Fortnite Crew subscription, simply go to the Item Shop or Battle Pass purchase screen. You can subscribe from there, directly in the game, on whatever platform you play for $12 a month.

Is Midas returning to Fortnite?

@FortniteGame fortnite pls feed us with another midas skin

Whether from behind the scenes or at the forefront, Midas always seems to be pulling the strings. While he is not included in the First Shadows set, fans are surely hoping to see him once again.

With his most trusted soldiers returning to the battle royale, it may be just a matter of time before Midas himself is back on the battlefield. This popular character may possibly return as a part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

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