SypherPK explains why popular Fortnite streamers could end up getting banned on Twitch

SypherPK discussed age-related rules and suspensions on Twitch
SypherPK discussed age-related rules and suspensions on Twitch

Ali "SypherPK" Hassan recently talked about popular Fortnite streamers getting banned in a video on his YouTube channel.


SypherPK brought up the reference of @HarryButAverage, a 15-year-old permanently banned from Twitch. The reason was that the Fortnite streamer with 90,000+ followers created his account when he was 12.

Unfortunately for the streamer, the platform's rules state that everyone should be at least 13 to register.

Additionally, SypherPK mentioned a similar scenario with his brother, Abdullah "JuniorPK" Hassan. JuniorPK had also received a Twitch ban because he created his account when he was 12.

Despite JuniorPK never streaming before turning 14, the account was suspended permanently from the Amazon-owned platform.


SypherPK discussed Fortnite streamers, Twitch bans, and age

As the internet sensation mentioned in his video, these age-related rules are not just limited to Twitch but applicable for any online forum allowing players to sign-up or register.

SypherPK explained that these rules are a part of "privacy laws and protection laws," which needs to be ensured as a part of the procedure.

The 24-year-old also gave some advice for streamers who could be running the risk of having their accounts banned due to age-related issues.

Here's what he suggested so that no one has to go through the demotivation of getting banned:

  • Streamers should always focus on growing their community on more than one platform. They can achieve this by promoting their social media and content creation accounts.
  • SypherPK also suggested that if a streamer created their account when they were 12 or younger, they should create a new one and divert their entire community to that new channel, which complies with the rules.

Apart from laying out such directions, SypherPK also warned streamers that it is impossible for him to give a shoutout to each and every streamer who gets banned.

As a result, the popular Fortnite streamer advised everyone to be extremely cautious about their content creation accounts.

Being slapped with a ban for something that the streamer might have done without knowing, especially after years of hard work, can be terribly demotivating for anyone, after all.

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