When is the LeBron James skin coming out in Fortnite? All skin variants, backbling, emote, and more 

LeBron James in Fortnite. Image via Epic Games Store
LeBron James in Fortnite. Image via Epic Games Store

LeBron James, the face of basketball and even the lead actor in the summer blockbuster Space Jam: A New Legacy, has made his way into Fortnite.

Many iconic characters have come before him: Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Rick Sanchez, the Mandalorian and Loki. He's not even the first athlete to make it to the battle royale game, with Neymar, Jr., Harry Kane and Marco Reus having made it first. He's not the first celebrity either, as Travis Scott holds that prestigious honor. He is, however, arguably the most notable of the lot.

No other name on this list carries as much weight as LeBron James does. No other athlete is as famous as he is, so it makes so much sense for Fortnite to cash in on that. With an official announcement and trailer already out, LeBron James is coming to Fortnite soon.

LeBron in Fortnite details

Though not the first member of the Icon Series, LeBron James is the most popular and will likely be the bestseller out of the group. LeBron James is at the height of his popularity right now, being the face of the NBA and leading in one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.

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Fortnite adding LeBron was rumored from a leak during the Apple v. Epic trial earlier this year. The full lineup has now been announced, ranging from variants to back blings and even emotes. According to Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR, this is what the bundle will look like. It features two skins - one of which coincides with the latest Space Jam movie.

The bundle seems to have two skins (both with variants), a back bling, a pickaxe, a loading screen and an emote. Here's what the bundle might look like in the item shop.

LeBron bundle. Image via Twitter
LeBron bundle. Image via Twitter

The back bling appears to be wings, which fits into the trailer that Fortnite released. There is a loading screen that looks somewhat like a mural titled "Court's in Session". It has a lion-themed pickaxe and a second back bling with James' Miami Heat number (and his rumored new number next season), 6.

A third back bling appears to be more of an actual backpack. Finally, the bundle seems to have James' iconic celebration, which is aptly titled "The Silencer."

As for the release date and price, the skin is set to release in just two days on July 14th. As for the price, nothing is set in stone as of now. The skin itself will likely be 1,500+ V-Bucks, but the bundle may end up between 2,500 and 3,000 V-Bucks.

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