Floor Is Lava LTM could return in Fortnite Chapter 5, leaks suggest 

Fortnite Floor Is Lava could return soon (Image via Twitter/Iltrass)
Fortnite Floor Is Lava could return soon (Image via Twitter/Iltrass)

Limited Time Modes have been in short supply in Fortnite. Over the years, rather than increasing the number of LTMs that are present in-game, Epic Games has been cutting down on them. While it's unclear why the developer took this approach, considering how popular they were, it likely had something to do with focusing on the Battle Royale mode.

Thankfully, the dry spell or lack of LTMs is seemingly coming to an end sooner than most would expect. According to Fortnite leaker/data-miner Krowe_moh, a popular LTM called Floor Is Lava could be coming back, and with good reason.

Floor Is Lava LTM could be added to Fortnite in Chapter 5

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As per the information provided by Krowe_moh, files related to Floor Is Lava have been updated. This was discovered during the update v27.10, which occurred on November 14, 2023. Given that Epic Games only updates files shortly before re-introducing them in-game, they are up to something.

According to Krowe_moh, the developer has also added an age rating. While this is not surprising, given that Epic Games will be implementing these new changes across the board, this is the only LTM to receive a rating. As such, they might be preparing to add it back into the game soon.

When will Floor Is Lava LTM be added to Fortnite?

While many are speculating that Floor Is Lava LTM will be re-added this season, that will likely not come to pass. With Epic Games focusing on OG Fortnite and the storyline, adding an LTM at the moment is not the best idea.

They want to maintain the spotlight on the Battle Royale modes to ensure players get to experience the good old days. That said, the LTM could be added back at the start of Chapter 5 or soon after. However, there is no official timeline in place for the time being.

Nevertheless, players are excited about the possibility that the LTM may be added back to the game. Here is what a few of them had to say about Floor Is Lava:

As seen from the comments, players are super excited to see this LTM back in-game. They are also advocating for other LTMs to make a comeback. Given that these were core experiences back in the original Chapter 1, they are indeed sorely missed.

However, as it stands, only Floor Is Lava LTM has been updated. Others remain as they were, and nothing within the files has been changed. That said, hopefully, in the future, Epic Games may consider bringing back more LTMs to give the community what they want.

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