Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 may feature a live concert, leaks suggest

There may be
There may be live concert coming to Fortnite in Chapter 4 Season 2 (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok)

Every now and then in Fortnite, Epic Games hosts a live concert of some kind. While these are usually intertwined with the storyline, they can, at times, be independent as well. A good example of this is The Kid LAROI event that took place not too long ago.

Given how popular these concerts are becoming of late, having more of them in-game will only make sense. Also, if the artist in question is popular enough, cosmetic items associated with them usually get added to the Item Shop, which can then be purchased using V-Bucks.

According to several leakers, a new concert may be occurring on the island soon. While information is rather hard to come by at the moment, we have a few details to speculate on.

A Japanese artist may be collaborating with Fortnite soon

• Marine Monoliths are some strange structures found behind the dojo. It is currently uncertain of their purpose! 🪨• Sakura Circle is another Katana arena in the South here. ⚔

If players go behind the dojo located in Kenjutsu Crossing, then travel a short distance east, they will come across a landmark called Marine Monoliths. The landmark in question is home to strange structures sticking out of the ground.

In the grand scheme of things, they make no sense; they aren't related to the storyline (as of now) and don't impact the gameplay in any way. But when players are close enough to this landmark, a certain ambient audio can be heard.

It appears the new "Bone Marrow" area on the Fortnite island could potentially be for a collaboration!This is because the ambient audio that plays in this area is called "Ambience Japan Artist Collab Landmark" in the filesThanks @IOInquest for helping spot this!

This is not strange in any way, as many landmarks and POIs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 have their own ambient sound. However, the sound used in Marine Monolith is named "Ambience Japan Artist Collab Landmark" in the game's files.

According to veteran leaker iFireMonkey, this could be a potential hint at an upcoming collaboration in the form of a live concert. Since it's early days in Chapter 4 Season 2, it's possible that Epic Games has something lined up towards the end of the season.

Also because of @GMatrixGames, we know that there is a BoneMarrow cosmetic set which features the following cosmetics:- Outfit- Backbling- Glider- Pickaxe

Furthermore, thanks to yet another leaker, GMatrixGames, we know that Marine Monoliths, aka "Bone Marrow," is also related to a cosmetic set called BoneMarrow. It is speculated that the set will contain an Outfit, Back Bling, Glider, and Harvesting Tool.

This would suggest that the collaboration, or rather, the artist Epic Games is possibly collaborating with, will also feature in the Item Shop. Nevertheless, as of now, there's no information regarding who the artist in question is.

When might this live concert take place in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2?

@iFireMonkey @IOInquest In one Google search, it seems to be inspired by Hiroshi Yoshimura, a pioneer of ambient music in…

With the current season of Fortnite having just gotten underway, it'll likely be a while before a live concert or anything related to an artist will be showcased in-game. In all probability, the live concert will only come to fruition towards the end of the season, and that's assuming there is one, to begin with.

That said, this collaboration with an artist might also be somewhat similar to The Kid LAROI Creative Map. Rather than having it in-game, it could be done in Creative Mode. With Epic Games promoting it, this would make a lot of sense. More information about this potential live service should come to light as the season progresses.

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