Fortnite downtime today (January 31): When will servers be back up?

The Ageless is
The Ageless is 'slipping' with excitement for the Fortnite update v23.30 (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok)

The Fortnite v23.30 update will go live today (January 31, 2023). As always, the servers will be taken offline by 3:30 am Eastern Time to allow the developers to implement the changes in-game. Having said that, the update will commence at 4:00 am Eastern Time.

Those still playing the game in the early hours of the morning should consider logging off the latest by 3:00 am Eastern Time. While those in the BR mode can stretch things to 3:20 am, Save The World players should wrap up as soon as possible to avoid losing out on progress.

How long will the Fortnite downtime last today (January 31)?

Prepare to power up in v23.30! Downtime begins at 4AM ET, with matchmaking being disabled shortly before.

Taking into account that the v23.20 update took roughly two hours to implement, the same can be expected today. However, with this being the third major update in Chapter 4 Season 1, there will be a lot of content being added in.

On that note, players should take into consideration that the entire downtime may last a while longer than expected. In either case, the servers will be online by the time the majority of the fanbase wakes up in the Eastern Time Zone.

Fixes and content changes for Fortnite v23.30 patch

While Epic Games has not really revealed the new content changes for the v23.30 update, leakers have done the needful and spilled the beans. On that note, the first of many content changes being implemented are new devices for Creative Mode.

The Hiding Prop Gallery and Crowd Volume Devices are being added to the game. These will allow creators to better manage their map and allow greater control over certain aspects.

Bugs set to be fixed in the v23.30 Update tomorrow:

Moving on, perhaps one of the most important content changes being brought in alongside the v23.30 update are bug fixes. Roughly 21 bugs that will be quashed once the downtime ends. Here's the list of fixes that will be issued for the BR and STW modes:

  • Fall damage when Sliding with Shockwave Hammer
  • Unable to use Emotes after a Victory Royale
  • Red-dot missing when scoping-in with the Red-Eye AR
  • Party Time, Shotgun Striker, and Aerialist Augments will be re-enabled
  • Terrain issues in Autumn Foothills biome

Among these are numerous other general fixes that will improve the quality of life for content creators and those who play Fortnite on mobile devices.

TOMORROW'S NEW AUGMENTS!!These include "Shadow Striker" & "Icy Slide" perks and a few more!

Regarding quality-of-life improvements, Epic Games is adding five new Reality Augments to make gameplay/combat more interesting. Here are the names and their potential uses:

  • Shadow Striker - Related to the Shadow Bomb effect
  • Icy Slide - Icy feet effect when Sliding
  • Deft Hands - Pistols auto-reload
  • Riftjector Seat - Get Rifted when Shields break
  • Harvester - Shield Mushrooms, Apples, and Grenades drop from Bushes

Keeping the content updates aside, there will be another collaboration with Dragon Ball which will go live once the downtime ends. Although Epic Games did make the announcement, they never mentioned who or what would be joining the metaverse.

CONFIRMED: Son Gohan & Piccolo will be added to Fortnite tomorrow, according to Toei Animation!(Thanks to @timelessorder for making me aware of this!)

Nevertheless, thanks to leakers and lore-keepers, it was discovered that Son Gohan and Piccolo will be making their way to Fortnite soon. There are likely two other skins that will be part of the collaboration, but their identity is unknown for the time being.

Finally, according to the leakers, there's a chance that either the 'Boombox v2' or the 'Firefly Launcher' will get added to the game following the update. Since Epic Games periodically introduces new items to the loot pool, either of these may get added today once the downtime ends.

The Guitar is supposed to be the Boombox v2. You have to hit the beat to do 75 damage to all builds nearby you, and it has a tempo of 3 beats per second.

If nothing else, they will be added to the game files and kept in a state of limbo until they are ready to be introduced to the loot pool of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. With that being said, these are all the major content changes that players can expect to see in the Fortnite v23.30 update.

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