Fortnite leak all but confirms Midas return during live event

Midas Fortnite Chapter 3 live event
The Agency's top spy Midas might return to the loop in Fortnite Chapter 3 finale event (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end and the excitement amongst loopers is at an all-time high. The finale event titled "Fracture" has the community wondering about the future of the island and the ulterior motives of The Last Reality.

While the anticipation is high, loopers are running wild with speculation theories as leaks surface across several social media and news outlets.

A recent leak on Twitter hinted at the return of a major character in the Fortnite Lore. The Agency's Golden Spy, Midas, is one of the most beloved characters and has hinted at returning multiple times via different snapshots of himself appearing as Item Shop cosmetics.

While the leak is still fresh and looks legitimate, players are hoping for the Man with the Golden Touch to return to the Fortnite loop after he went missing in Chapter 2 Season 2. Nevertheless, here is what the leak suggests about Midas' homecoming.

Fortnite leak shows hair textures for Midas in Chapter 3 finale event

ICYMI: In 22.40 these 2 hair textures were added for a skin codenamed "Well_Dressed_Spy"Weird that they were added when the main theory is that Midas will appear in the event ๐Ÿค”#Fortnite #FortniteLeaks

According to the latest leak by Wensoing, in the recent Fortnite update v22.40, two hair textures resembling the Chrome textures found across the island were added for a skin codenamed "Well_Dressed_Spy."

The textures were added when theories about Midas featuring in the live event were still trending, and loopers are still sticking to their guts on this one.

While players might know that Midas possesses the elemental power of turning things into Gold, they also believe it could pose a promising challenge to The Herald's Chrome elemental powers. However, another leak that came along with the update showed a graphic, hyping up the community speculations even more.

Nuevo Spray que anticipa el regreso de Midas ๐Ÿ‘€. #Fortnite

The spray shows a hand being taken over by The Herald's Chrome, and it hauntingly looks like it belongs to Midas. Several fans have also started speculating that he might join hands with The Last Reality and prove a threat to the island. For many, the character is bound to return for his revenge on the storm and the destruction it caused to his Device and The Agency.

How many versions of Midas exist in Fortnite?

Here is the most used "Midas" skins in #Fortnite!Source -

In the Multiverse, there are seven snapshots of Midas in the form of Item Shop and Battle Pass cosmetics. These snapshots are different versions of the character from other realities in the multiverse and can be traversed by entering Zero Point.

The most popular version of the character was Shadow Midas, which was also an NPC during Fortnitemares 2021 and was resurrected with reawakened Henchmen around The Agency POI. However, the classic version and his all-gold variant have been the most popular renditions of the character.

The latest version of the character, Golden Gear Midas, can be purchased from the in-game shop, alongside two other cosmetic skins as part of the Anime Legends Bundle.

As the Fracture event draws near, the community is bound to see a rise in leaks, speculations, and theories. Fracture takes place on Saturday, December 3, at 4 pm ET, and players are advised to load the game 30 mins prior to the event to reserve their spot in the crowded lobby.

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