Fortnite leak reveals Easter event details for April 2023

Easters in Fortnite are always fun (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok
Easter events in Fortnite are always fun (Image via Twitter/MightyMishok)

In Epic Games' popular battle royale title, Fortnite, Easter is a rather special time of the year. Loopers eagerly hunt for eggs that are hidden all over the island, use Easter-themed weapons/items, and even get to cosplay as characters that fit the occasion. Although last year's event was rather high and dry, things are going to be different this year.

Leakers have been able to sort through the in-game files and find a treasure trove worth of information pertaining to the upcoming Easter event. As always, since this is a leak, all of this information must be taken with a pinch of salt. That said, here's what players can expect to see in the upcoming Easter event.

The lineup for Fortnite Easter 2023 looks amazing

Before diving into the leaks, it's best to state the obvious, which is the fact that there won't be any live Easter event. It will all be based in-game and will perhaps have one cinematic video to kick off the celebration.

Moving on, according to leakers, the placeholder for the Easter event is called Spring Fling. Since this is set to occur in or around springtime, the name certainly makes a lot of sense.

List of info about the upcoming Spring/Easter event- Placeholder name is Spring Fling- Has challenges- New "Spring" and Golden Eggs that heal and give you low gravity for a short time- New augment- 3 new chickens that will lay items/eggs- Egg Launcher unvaulted #Fortnite

The Easter event will have special challenges/quests that players will be able to complete to earn rewards and perhaps even cosmetic items. Seeing as to how Epic Games has been giving out a lot more freebies in recent times, this seems fairly appropriate for the upcoming Fortnite event.

Additionally, there will be "Spring" and "Golden Eggs," which heal players and give them the "Low Gravity" effect for a short duration. In all probability, this effect will function like the exact same one that players obtained by selecting the Soaring Sprints Reality Augment.

New Legendary Augment Chest πŸ”₯Via:@Wensoing

Speaking of Reality Augments, it seems that new ones will be introduced to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 during Easter as well. While the leaker doesn't specify the number of Reality Augments, at least two to three should be added in.

Next up, brand new types of chicken will also be introduced to the island for Easter. However, it's fairly likely that they will only feature for the duration of the event and will be vaulted once it ends. Reportedly, these chickens will lay items and/or eggs for players to use.

Last but not least, the Egg Launcher will be unvaulted and added to the loot pool for the upcoming occasion. For newcomers to the game, this weapon functions like a Grenade Launcher, but fires eggs instead of grenades. In general, it definitely seems like there will be fun times ahead.

When will the Easter event start in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2?

While there's no official timeline in place or even an announcement from Epic Games, according to the leaker, the event should kick off on April 4, 2023. Seeing as how Easter falls on April 9, 2023, the developers will want to add in the items/assets before the celebrations begin.

This decision will most likely generate significant hype and give players more than enough time to partake in the event to complete its challenges and try out all of the Easter-related activities and tasks in-game. Since Epic Games always adds things to Fortnite a few days before the real-life event/occasion and/or collaboration/crossover can take place, this pattern will likely be repeated.

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