10 secrets to explore in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map

Dragon at Mega City
The latest Chapter 4 Season 2 map hides shocking secrets in plain sight. (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduces a map set in a whole new environment and is packed with brand new features. As players visit the island in pursuit of the illustrious Victory Royale, they may stumble upon several easter eggs and surprises scattered across the island.

These secrets are not well hidden, but only the most astute and seasoned players will be able to find them. Some of these secrets are useful in-game, while others pertain to the lore of the current season.

With that said, here are the 10 secrets you can explore in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 island during your Battle Royale gameplay.

10 secrets you might have missed while exploring Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map

1) Fire breathing Cyber Dragon in Mega City

• The Cyber Dragon on top of the tallest Mega City building will also breathe holographic fire every time the storm circle begins to shrink! #Fortnite

Mega City, a futuristic city with a new grind rail system for traveling between zones, is one of the largest POIs players have ever gotten in Fortnite. The named location is home to a gigantic Cyber Dragon, which resides atop one of the skyscrapers, in addition to a plethora of intriguing Easter eggs from Fortnite's lore.

Yet, this is what truly separates the dragon from the rest of the POI features. Holographic Fire, composed solely of pixels, is exhaled by the dragon at the start of each new storm circle. If a player happens to be in the area as the storm circle is closing, they will get to see this spectacular phenomenon for themselves.

2) Mysterious Marine Monoliths on the island

Mysterious Monoliths have appeared on the island. (Image via Twitter/UntameableLuna)
Mysterious Monoliths have appeared on the island. (Image via Twitter/UntameableLuna)

Nine monoliths appear in the southeast quadrant of the brand new Chapter 4 Season 2 map, making up one of the most enigmatic new additions to the island. Marine Monoliths is the name given to this landmark that can be found near Kenjutsu Crossing.

These towering monoliths are resistant to stone harvesting and will not collapse to the ground if a player attempts to break them. Like the Rift Gate from the previous season, any structure or object on the island that cannot be destroyed usually has some sort of significance in Fortnite's narrative.

The mystery surrounding these towering structures will be slowly revealed over the course of the season, testing the patience of players.

3) Healing Water in Steamy Springs

Steamy Springs has healing waters. (Image via Twitter/UntameableLuna)
Steamy Springs has healing waters. (Image via Twitter/UntameableLuna)

Steamy Springs is home to one of the island's best-kept secrets from Season 2. Stop at the POI based on a hot spring and cool yourself in one of the ponds that have healing water. Then, like the slurp lake in Chapter 2's Slurpy Swamp, it will gently restore you with Shield and Health bars.

4) Return of Fishstick's Restaurant

Fishstick's Restaurant may return soon. (Image via Epic Games)
Fishstick's Restaurant may return soon. (Image via Epic Games)

In the cinematic trailer for Chapter 4 Season 2, Fishstick reappeared in his VR-selectable style. Loopers have speculated that the classic Fortnite character will play a role in the ongoing season's plot.

As it turned out, a sign from the Sticks Restaurant from Chapters 1 and 2 washed ashore near the southeast corner of the island, confirming the speculation. It is a hidden message that could foreshadow the establishment's eventual return to the Fortnite island.

5) Get the vaulted Thunder Shotgun at Frenzy Fields


Last week, popular glitcher GKI uploaded a video where he informed loopers that the vaulted Thunder Shotgun, a pivotal weapon in Chapter 4 Season 1, is still obtainable on the current Season 2 island.

Go to Frenzy Fields, and look for the Sunflower NPC. As you get there, you can start shooting at her to kill her instantly. If you manage to eliminate her, she'll leave behind a Thunder Shotgun of common rarity for you to use throughout the match.

6) Realistic Drift Track on the island


Located north of Mega City, the new Drift Course allows players to show their skills at drifting the latest Nitro Drifter cars and Rogue Bikes. Loopers can race against friends or foes in a real-time event with a realistic countdown and lap times for each player tracked.

Simply grab a Nitro Drifter and drift your way along the track to test the limits of the brand new vehicle that matches the Fortnite season's futuristic theme.

7) Choppa Helipad at Mega City

Helipad at Mega City. (Image via Epic Games)
Helipad at Mega City. (Image via Epic Games)

Recent Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 gameplay and cinematic teasers hinted to the addition of a helipad atop a skyscraper in the Mega City POI. Players have been wondering if the notorious Choppa from Chapter 2 will make a comeback this season.

Whenever a Heli Pad has been discovered on a Fortnite island, Choppas have made an appearance, as is commonly believed by the player base. As a result, it could be added to the Mega City POI in the near future.

8) Highcard Boss Rift Encounter


If you're looking for a serious challenge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, Highcard Boss is one of the most difficult additions to the island thus far. Just as the first storm circle begins to close in, the NPC boss and his two Wildcard henchmen appear.

The most likely place for a highcard to appear is near a keycard vault. These include Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs, and Mega City. As a reward for defeating the boss, players will get a Mythic Havoc Suppressed AR and a vault keycard that can be used to acquire a Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun and other epic to legendary weapons.

9) Secret key vault in Loot Island


One of the most iconic references to the exploding home at Loot Lake at the end of Chapter 1 after the cube incident is Loot Island. However, in Chapter 3, the area reappeared, this time as a discrete island in the middle of the map.

In the most recent Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, Loot Island emerges as a Rift Encounter in the midst of an ongoing Battle Royale match, allowing players to ascend the floating area via an Ascender or Ziplines. A Capture Point can be found there, and capturing it will reward players with the one and only Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle in the game.

At the island's lowest level, you'll find a vault that may be accessed without a keycard from any of the NPC bosses. Instead, all you need are two keys to gain access and steal the loot. It is recommended that Fortnite players use a Keymaster Augment to easily access the vault.

10) Scope Flare on Snipers (Sniper Glint)


The Heavy Sniper, a staple of the One-Shot meta in recent seasons of Fortnite, has made a comeback. However, Epic Games has just updated its features by adding a glint to the weapon's scope.

If your enemy is aiming a sniper rifle at you, a bright reflection off the scope will give away his position, allowing you to duck out of harm's way. The original inspiration for this element was the "Warzone Battle Royale" mode in Call of Duty.

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