Fortnite leak uncovers where the Coney Crossroads blimp will crash in Chapter 3 Season 2

Coney Crossroads is the latest POI to see the battle between the IO and the Seven in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Coney Crossroads is the latest POI to see the battle between the IO and the Seven in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

Blimps are crashing all over the Fortnite island as The Seven takes the fight to the Imagined Order.

A blimp was discovered above the Daily Bugle, which now finds itself crash landed into the sea just to the east of the point of interest. More blimps will crash as the war rages on.


Notable leaker Koooooomar has indicated just when, where, and how the next blimp is going to crash. With the war taking place over at Coney Crossroads, the first blimp to crash onto the actual island itself is coming down.

Leaks prove that an IO blimp will crash at Coney in Fortnite

Koooooomar shared a tweet where he speculated that the next blimp to crash in Fortnite would be at Coney. Due to the battle for Coney Crossroads, it is believed that the Seven will take over the location.

This will be the first blimp to crash into the island itself rather than off in the distance or into the sea surrounding the battle royale's arena. The destruction could be massive.

The next Blimp to crash in @FortniteGame is at Coney, and it will be the FIRST Blimp to crash onto land. Coney will also be taken over by The Seven.I am waiting for my render to complete to showcase a video of the new POI and crash site. @HYPEX #FortniteLeaks

Doing what he is renowned for, Koooooomar created a wonderful video that showcased what the crashed blimp will look like at the Coney Crossroads point of interest. It pans through the area leading to the crash site.

It even shows the Imagined Order blimp floating above, before eventually crashing just on the outskirts of the named location in Fortnite. The crashing blimp was animated by the leaker, but the spot of the crash is said to be 100% real.

Here is Coney, as taken over by The Seven after the Blimp crashes. Also shows the crash site in relation to Coney. The updated Coney and Crash Site are completely real, the Blimp ACTUALLY crashing (live) was animated by me to show the direction it is #FortniteLeaks #Fortnite

On top of that, Koooooomar was able to spot the crash site in-game before the collapse even took place. A cleared-out area near Coney Crossroads was marked with scorches and burns.

Koooooomar floated over with his glider and noticed the location after determining that it would be the spot for the blimp's crash. It was obvious to him that it would become the crash site.

Realized during the stream tonight that the crashed Coney Blimp's landing spot can already be seen in the game!#FortniteLeaks

It will be interesting to see where other blimps will crash as the war between the IO and the Seven rages on in Fortnite. This is just the start of what could be a complete change to the island because of the conflict.

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