Fortnite leaker showcases Marvel skins that didn't make it in-game

Marvel characters that didn't make the Fortnite cut (Image via Twitter, VenomLeaks)
Marvel characters that didn't make the Fortnite cut (Image via Twitter, VenomLeaks)

Fortnite has become a haven for collaboration between comic book characters, independent artists, and, more recently, world-famous soccer players like Neymar Jr.

However, despite the many associations that have taken place, not all of them pan out and somehow fail to become a part of the Fortnite metaverse.

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Recently, resident Fortnite leaker VenomLeaks took to Twitter to share a post encompassing Marvel skins that presumably didn't make the cut in-game. Despite Fortnite having a Marvel season that ended with The Galactus Event, not all characters or skins are added to the game as they may not fit into the storyline.

From the above tweet, it's easily noticeable that many of the characters are from X-Men. They wouldn't have made it if Epic Games added them to the Marvel-themed season that featured Galactus, which is more closely related to the Avengers storyline within the MCU.

While it may be possible for Fortnite to have another Marvel-themed season sometime in the future, the current season will be dominated by DC as the comics will keep rolling out until the end of Season 6 and beyond as well.

What could the next Marvel collaboration with Fortnite look like?

With Marvel rolling out movies back to back, it could very well be possible that loopers may get to see another Marvel-oriented season in Fortnite featuring MCU characters from Phase 4.

Fans can watch the video here:


However, it's unlikely that the collaboration will occur in Chapter 2 as DC has the helm for the time being and will be a part of the game for a while. The real question is, what would another collaboration with Marvel potentially look like?

With multiple movies releasing in the coming years, characters like Venom and Spider-Man could easily be added as collaboration skins. Or, perhaps, even a dedicated comic with parallel storylines can be done, like the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics.

A recent Tweet even showcased how the last Marvel collaboration generated the most revenue for Fortnite, which is reason enough for the developers to perhaps think about another collab soon.

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While most of this is all speculation, there's no telling what happens next in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite. With endless possibilities, only imagination is the limit when it comes to new ideas and tie-ups for players to enjoy in-game.

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