Fortnite Summer Escape event 2023: Free rewards and skins to expect

Fortnite Summer Escape event will begin a few hours (Image via Twitter/realkrae)
Fortnite Summer Escape event will begin a few hours (Image via Twitter/realkrae)

Fortnite's Summer Escape event for 2023 will go live in just a few hours. While a lot of the content related to the event is still encrypted, leakers/data miners have been able to showcase what players can expect to see in-game. Aside from map changes reflecting the summer theme, Outfits/Skins will also be added to the Item Shop.

In addition to these superficial changes, a new item called Slap Splash will be added to the loot pool alongside the dreaded Flare Gun. To spruce up gameplay even further, new Reality Augments will also be featured. They will make things interesting for the duration of the Fortnite Summer Escape event.

Here's what to expect for the Fortnite Summer Escape event 2023

1) Map changes

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According to leakers/data miners, the Landmark on the map within the Jungle biome, Sunswoon Lagoon, will undergo major changes. The entire area will be decorated with summer-themed assets and will, in a manner of speaking, become the hub for the Summer Escape event. There will be floaties in the water, murals adjacent to the waterfall, and beach umbrellas on the docks.

2) New Outfits/Skins

As of now, three new Outfits/Skins can be confirmed for the Summer Escape event 2023: Opal, Razor Rae, and Chaos Explorer. Aside from Breezebelle, who is part of the Crew for July, Court Queen Krisa is also up for grabs. Keep in mind that she is a Bundle/Set that requires real money and so she cannot be purchased with V-Bucks. Epic Games likely has a few more Outfits/Skins lined up as well for the occasion.

3) Purradise Meowscles

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass holders will be happy to know that the Purradise Meowscles Outfit/Skin will be up for grabs from July 6, 2023, onward. Cosmetic items associated with the character will be unlocked by completing Challenges. They are basic in nature and should not be too difficult to complete.

4) Unvaulted Ice Cream & Firework Flare Gun

With Epic Games turning up the heat for the Summer Escape event, Ice Creams will be unvaulted once the celebrations start. The Flare Gun, which was vaulted not too long ago, will be unvaulted as well. Given its utility in combat, it will be good to have it added back into the loot pool.

5) Challenges/Quests with free rewards

According to leakers/data miners, there will be dedicated Fortnite Challenges/Quests for the Summer Escape event. However, for the time being, they remain encrypted. Nevertheless, based on the available information, completing tasks will reward players with freebies. For the time being, what these are remains unknown. They will more than likely be Emotes, Sprays, and perhaps a Glider or two.

6) Slap Splash and new Reality Augment

Lasty, the new Slap Splash item will be added to the loot pool. Similar to Chug Splash, when the item is used, anyone within a small radius will benefit from it. They will gain the Slap Effect for either 30 or 60 seconds, depending on the rarity of the Slap Splash. Additionally, a few new Reality Augments will go live as soon as the Summer Escape event starts.

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Edited by Matthew Wilkins