Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration could feature a minigame

Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration may feature a minigame (Image via Twitter/NEIGHBOR_FN)
Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration may feature a minigame (Image via Twitter/NEIGHBOR_FN)

Rumors of a Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration have been floating around since 2022. Given that both of these video games are owned by Epic, it makes sense for content to crossover from time to time. Similar things have been done for Rocket League back in Chapter 3 when the Octane was ported into the Battle Royale. As such, there is some good news beyond the horizon.

According to multiple leakers/data-miners, a minigame associated with Fall Guys will come to Fortnite in the near future. While information is still very limited, this sets the stage for the first of many collaborations between the two video games.

Fortnite x Fall Guys will bring "Beans" to the Metaverse

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A major reason why some collaborations are highly impossible is because of character design. As such, in Fall Guys, they are called "Beans." These tiny bean-shaped humanoid creatures are what players take control of during gameplay. They wave their arms about while running and dodging obstacles.

Given that Fortnite has more realistic and scaled-up characters, having Beans in-game, especially in the Battle Royale mode, is out of the question. It is likely for this reason that Epic Games is working on a minigame for the rumored collaboration, with these Beans speculated to be featured here.

Since the minigame can have its own rules and playstyle, having miniature bean-shaped characters will not be a problem. On that note, they are currently codenamed "BeanCharacter." As featured in Fall Guys, they may also have several Styles and Outfits for players to choose from.

What will the minigame encompass?

Given the nature of Fall Guys, the minigame will likely try to replicate things in Fortnite. Using the power of the Unreal Engine, Epic Games will be able to create something very similar to what players have come to know and love.

This will include things like complex obstacle courses (Deathrun), movement mechanics unique to "Beans," and, of course, goofy character animations. It may also include some cosmetics imported to the game for the Battle Royale and Save The World modes - something similar to what was added during the Among Us collaboration.

On that note, while the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration will come to fruition eventually, it will not be permanent. Much like Impostors mode, it will feature as an LTM and then be vaulted after a certain length of time.

That said, it may rotate back in-game every now and then, but there is no guarantee of that happening.

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