Fortnite x Squid Game concept skin flawlessly captures the essence of the Netflix show

Will we see a Fortnite x Squid Game collab in Season 8? (Image via kawaiiDemongamergirl Twitter)
Will we see a Fortnite x Squid Game collab in Season 8? (Image via kawaiiDemongamergirl Twitter)
Shubhendu Vatsa

Netflix's latest Korean drama series Squid Game is making waves internationally and topping the charts. Fortnite players were recently treated to unique fan art tying the show and the game.

Given the public's focus on the hit new K-drama, several interesting creative concepts tied to the show have started mushrooming on social media. One of them is a fan-made concept art featuring a Fortnite skin.

This concept art makes a strong case for a Fortnite x Squid Game collaboration. Perhaps Epic Games will consider this, given the concept art's immediate resonation with the community. Developers might add the skin after the Fortnitemares event.

Fortnite x Squid Game: Concept skin might pave the way for a future collaboration

Currently, there is no indication that a Fortnite x Squid Game is in the works. However, the concept art has taken the community by storm. The artist created the concept using Fortnite Creative.

Previously, players used creative mode to have fun with modifications to the map. But the skin artist took the platform to a different level by creating this timely concept.

The skin in the tweet looks clean. Developers can choose to add some generic character models wearing the Squid Game outfit, as seen below.

Fortnite Season 8 has been ongoing for a month and players are due for a collaboration. Epic Games can meet this criteria by announcing this collaboration.

Your 3rd emoji is your reaction to this Concept…😍 #SquidGame #Fortnite(Via @/ItzzRix)

However, some bottlenecks must be overcome before this can turn into reality. Squid Game is an adult show that focuses on human nature's dark side and has copious violence in it. Given that Fortnite's core demographic is a younger player base, the skin would have to be modulated to the game's framework.

Epic Games is known for collaborating with popular franchises, especially those that capture the imagination of a diverse audience. In the past, developers have collaborated with artists like Travis Scott and Cardi B. Both are not exactly child-friendly artists. This begs the question of what developers consider safe to be added to the game.

With that said, a Fortnite x Squid Game collaboration would be a massive hit with the community. This would be another step in making Fortnite an all-encompassing game.

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