Rumor: Fortnite to collaborate with Peacemaker, Avatar, Final Fantasy 7, and more

Rumor: Fortnite to collaborate with Peacemaker, Avatar, Final Fantasy 7, and more (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Fortnite may collaborate with Peacemaker, Avatar, Final Fantasy 7, and more (Image via Epic Games)

According to new rumors, Fortnite will not only collaborate with One Piece, but with a string of franchises in the near future. The information comes from Shpeshal_Nick, who has predicted several collaborations in the past. Suffice it to say that all of them have come true in time. However, without a timeline in place, there is no telling when things will come to fruition.

The list contains some names that were speculated a few seasons ago and other new ones. They cover all aspects of entertainment, ranging from anime and video games to TV shows.

Here's more on the rumor at hand and what players can expect to see in future collaborations with Fortnite.

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Fortnite could collaborate with up to 10 different franchises in the near future

Again, while there is no timeline in place, Shpeshal_Nick mentions that numerous collaborations could be in development. Starting off with the most-hyped crossover, One Piece is rumored to be coming to Fortnite. This will likely be a Battle Pass collaboration similar to Attack on Titan. Characters will be part of the Battle Pass, while items/weapons will be featured in-game.

Another heavy-hitter on the list is Peacemaker. A collaboration was expected when Bloodsport was added to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 7, but nothing came of it. Players were left high and dry with just a Spray called "It's Peacemaker." Hopefully, this time around, the Outfit alongside his iconic weapon will be featured in-game.

Coming to Marvel and DC, The Fantastic Four, Doc Ock (Spider-Man), Magneto, Cyclops, Colossus, and Robin will likely feature as Outfits and NPCs in-game. Given that Disney has invested a $1.5 billion stake in Epic Games, players can expect a lot more from Marvel. Perhaps an entire Marvel-themed season could also be featured.

Speaking of Disney and Epic Games, Avatar is another big name on the list. This collaboration could be massive in terms of size and scale, given how vast the franchise is. The Fortnite collaboration could feature new wildlife, vehicles, mechs, weapons, and unique flora.

Last but not least, He-Man and Skeletor, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake could also collaborate. These are all massive franchises with years worth of content that could be featured in-game.

When could these Fortnite collaborations be added?

While the source of these rumors has been correct in the past, the timeline has usually stretched beyond a year at times. As such, there is no way to predict when these collaborations will come true. If Epic Games keeps things under wraps, gathering details could take some time.

Since detailed leaks only appear a few hours/days/weeks before a collaboration comes to pass, it could be next season or next year. As such, it's best to take all this information with a pinch of salt and a healthy dose of speculation.

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