Why Fortnite's biggest ever update may arrive in March 2023

Fortnite's biggest update will likely arrive in March (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite's biggest update, Creative 2.0, is scheduled for release in March. While the update did not arrive with the release of Chapter 4 Season 2, it appears that Epic Games still plans to release it soon.

The video game developer revealed the news shortly before the start of the new season. Many believed the update would be released with the season, but for some reason, Epic decided to release it on another date.

This article will reveal all the information we have regarding Creative 2.0. We'll also look at the potential release date of the game-changing update.

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Epic Games will release Fortnite's biggest update in March, barring any unexpected delays

Creative 2.0 will completely change the popular video game (Image via Epic Games)
Creative 2.0 will completely change the popular video game (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games has added a lot of new items and features with the release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Due to this, the developer probably decided to push the release of the Creative 2.0 update to another date in March.

As many players know, the game-changing update was supposed to be released in January. However, the update wasn't ready, so Epic postponed it for March. While the exact release date hasn't been revealed by the game developer, it appears that nothing has changed about this.

Barring any unexpected delays or problems, Creative 2.0 will be released within the next two weeks.

According to Fortnite leakers, Epic Games has started to playtest the v24.02 version of the video game. This means the version has been placed on the special servers where Epic is testing it.

The version number indicates that this is a minor update. However, this could also be an update released Tuesday, March 14. If the developer releases a minor update on March 14, the Creative 2.0 update will likely be released on March 21 or 28.

Epic hasn't confirmed these release dates, but the latest official information comes from Tim Sweeney, the company's founder and CEO, on Twitter:

"Sorry, there will be no UEFN in January. We’re now targeting March."

It's also interesting that Sweeney retweeted a tweet from the Fortnite Creative News account. The tweet claims that March is the release month of the game-changing update, and considering that the Epic Games CEO shared it, it's almost as good as an official confirmation.

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