The ominous Doomsday Device in Fortnite is charging up

Doomsday Device (Image via Epic Games)
Doomsday Device (Image via Epic Games)

The Doomsday Device recently made its return to Fortnite. Initially, the Device was a super-weapon that was built below The Agency and hidden in The Hideout in Chapter 2 Season 2. Interestingly, it was powered by The Zero Point, which was also located underneath The Agency. Created by Jules and Midas, the ominous weapon was triggered at The Device Event, where it fought against the storm itself.

Now, it seems to have fallen into the wrong hands. The Imagined Order are the antagonists of this season and have been since the sinister twist at the end of Chapter 2 Season 7. The IO have brought the Device onto the island with undoubtedly nefarious intentions. A recent Fortnite leak suggests that it might be powering up and that the IO may be using it very soon. Here's what players need to know.

Fortnite Doomsday Device is powering up very soon

The Doomsday Device is located just outside Tilted Towers, which is leaked to eventually be destroyed for what seems like the hundredth time. The Tilted Towers POI just can't seem to catch a break and it looks like the Doomsday Device may be the reason for that.

If this latest leak is any indication, that destruction might be starting soon. The Doomsday Device appears to be charging up and getting ready to do whatever the IO have planned for it to do.


In the video, the Doomsday Device sends power to the top three times before firing an unfathomably powerful blast into the atmosphere. It's unclear exactly what it might be aiming for, but whatever it is is in danger.

Even if it's just the atmosphere, a blast this powerful could genuinely put a hole through it, as it is being powered by the all-powerful Zero Point, after all.

Currently, there's no telling what the IO's goal is. Obviously, they want to keep the loop going and defeat The Seven, but it's unclear what the Doomsday Device will achieve when it fires.

10 minutes ago the IO Collider (Doomsday Machine) sent out it's FIRST energy pulse!Video VIA @FN_Assist

Perhaps Paradigm or another character that is "in space" is being fired at. The Seven need all the help they can get, so taking out one of their members would be a detrimental blow from the IO.

It could also be trying to open a portal to the Last Reality, which was what happened in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. The Cube Queen would likely end this war and certainly not in a good way.

The Cube Queen (Image via Epic Games)
The Cube Queen (Image via Epic Games)

Whatever is about to happen in the game is likely going to happen soon, so Fortnite players will find out soon, for better or worse.

Note: This is a leak and is therefore not confirmed until it happens in-game or Epic Games confirms it.

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