The Rock lifts Fortnite into Chapter 4 in viral art concept

The viral art concept for the live event (Image via @FitzyLeakz on Twitter)
The viral art concept for the live event (Image via @FitzyLeakz/Twitter)

Fortnite is about to change forever. Chapter 3 Season 4 is on borrowed time as Chapter 4 is right around the corner. Following the live event on December 3 at 4 pm EST, there will be a long downtime and then a brand new chapter.

A viral concept video has been shared online that shows what might happen at the end of the live event. Given how important it is set to be, this is a hilarious and spot on impression of the game.

fortnite chapter 3 finale☠️(made by @official_trimix)

In the video, Dwayne Johnson's The Foundation lifts the island and flips it over. This is a parody of the fact that at the end of Chapter 2 Season 8, the island was flipped.

Following that live event, players floated in the water exactly as shown in the video and the island flipped over before their very eyes.

In this case, it's the island's savior flipping the island, presumably back to Chapter 2's map. He finishes it off with the People's Elbow, a very popular wrestling move from when he was in WWE.

It's a hilarious concept, but also very fitting. The Foundation has arguably been the most important character in the past few seasons. He is the one who staved off the Imagined Order and Doctor Slone, and has essentially kept the island and the Zero Point out of danger.

The Foundation has been important (Image via Epic Games)
The Foundation has been important (Image via Epic Games)

Given that, it makes sense that he'd play a vital role in transitioning into Chapter 4. It's unlikely that he will do it by physically flipping the island over, but metaphorically, it could work.

Most characters eventually phase out of the storyline, so this could also be one final run for The Foundation. Depending on what happens in the live event, it could be a sad ending for him.

When does Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 end?

The end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is basically here. The live event will occur at 4 pm EST on December 4, which is just a few days from now. It will last about an hour.

After that, there is rumored to be extensive downtime as Epic Games will implement all the changes needed for Chapter 4 Season 1. Fortnite players are not expected to be able to play the new season until December 6, which will be almost two full days after the live event.

It is more than likely that it will be released sometime in the morning, but it will be at least one full day before the next chapter officially arrives.

What will the live event entail?

The live event will more than likely be massively influential. Just like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8's iteration, which was aptly titled The End, this one is set to change a lot in the game.

Given how the Herald and the Chrome have changed things so much this season, it can be expected that the live event will entail defeating them and saving the island, which will require a lot.

Tune in 30 minutes early to join the playlist and find out for certain.

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