The Foundation Fortnite cosplay will leave you speechless

Foundation cosplay (Image via u/MrHoltsclaw on Reddit) \The Foundation (Image via FriendlyMachine on YouTube)
Foundation cosplay (Image via u/MrHoltsclaw on Reddit) \The Foundation (Image via FriendlyMachine on YouTube)

Right now, Fortnite only exists in animation. It also only exists in one animation style. The game is only a game and has not (yet) been made into any other form of media aside from comic books. Those generally have the same art style as the game, with a few differences depending upon the artist.

One area that the game and its characters have not gotten to is live-action. It would more than likely be animated if there ever were a Fortnite movie. After all, many players use the game to create incredible short clips or films.

If it ever were to transition into live-action (which can never be ruled out), the costume designs would be tough to pull off. One place they could certainly look to for inspiration is this Fortnite Redditor's incredible cosplay as The Foundation. Check it out below:

Fortnite Redditor cosplays as The Foundation wows community

The Foundation (Image via FriendlyMachine on YouTube)
The Foundation (Image via FriendlyMachine on YouTube)

The Foundation had been a mysterious character for a long time. He was first introduced in the middle of Chapter 2 before returning from the dead in Chapter 2 Season 8. He returned to help Agent Jonesy and loopers by defeating the Cube Queen, Doctor Slone, and the Imagined Order.

It was there that he was revealed to have a rather iconic face and voice. Dwayne Johnson, the famous actor and wrestler, was the man behind the mask. In lieu of Epic Games paying for Johnson to reprise the role in any live-action medium, this cosplayer would work well.

Cosplaying as any character is generally pretty hard to do. Official costumes are either very expensive or very hard to come by, for starters. Even for extremely popular characters like Batman or Spider-Man, good costumes aren't always readily available.

That's even more true for a character like Fortnite. The Foundation isn't exactly a top-selling Halloween costume yet. That's what makes this cosplay even more impressive: The cosplayer had to largely make this on their own.

The mask, which was probably the most challenging part of the costume, looks great. It probably doesn't move like the in-game one, but it looks great.

Make no mistake, the rest of the suit looks really good, too. The armor is perfect and matches that of the in-game counterpart. There's no view from behind shared with this post, but it can be assumed that the cape is expertly done, too.

The community loves this cosplay, sharing positive comments and upvotes with the original poster. One commenter had to do a double-take to see what they were looking at.

It's the guy from Fortnite, actually.

Another commenter wants to know how difficult this was to make. The answer is probably quite tricky.

Others would like to make their own costume.

Another is hoping this Redditor took the call to "Suit Up" literally.

Most commenters were just impressed with the quality of the cosplay.

Fortnite players shouldn't be surprised to see this type of cosplay and costume get a lot more popular in the future. The post has over 400 upvotes at the time of writing.

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