Top 5 Fortnite emotes that actually give players an unfair advantage

Pay-to-win emotes in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pay-to-win emotes in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games has tried its best to keep Fortnite a free-to-play game; no money is required to unlock special characters, weapons, or maps. Notably, even the battle royale game doesn't have any DLCs. However, it still has a few minor pay-to-win elements.

The cosmetics in Fortnite aren't really pay-to-win since they have no special abilities. However, a few might be able to give players a slight advantage due to lower hitboxes or camouflaging colors.

Surprisingly, there are some lucky Loopers who own certain Fortnite emotes that give them an edge over others. From quick reflexes to fast moves, these emotes help players a little bit by surprising the enemies and messing up their aim.

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Fortnite emotes that are pay-to-win

There are five emotes in Fortnite that can be used to dodge enemy bullets and reposition. Although the advantage is slight, it can often have game-changing outcomes.

5) Dab

The dab has largely been a salty emote as it was inspired by the popular dance move that players often use to gloat. However, it does help in avoiding headshots from snipers.

The dab isn't useful against automatic weapons. However, the bolt-action in snipers delays the second shot, and players can use the time to reposition.

4) Shaolin Sit-Up

The popular Fortnite emote was released back in 2019 and is not that rare. However, what makes it so popular is that when players use it, the character instantly drops to the ground. A second later, it jumps back up and sits in Shaolin's form.

Players often use the Shaolin Sit-Up emote in Fortnite to dodge bullets. The dropping effectively makes their hitbox close to none. The best part about this emote is that it only costs 200 V-bucks.

3) Flippin' Sexy

Flippin' Sexy is yet another pay-to-win Fortnite emote that drops players to the ground and helps them dodge bullets. The rare emote last appeared in 2019 due to the unfair advantage it possesses.

Players perform a back-flip using this emote which makes them a tough target. Subsequently, they drop to the ground and further reduce their hitbox.

2) Squat Kick

The Squat Kick is a Fortnite emote inspired by Slavic Folk dance. It involves quick movements as the players jump in the air and squat back down, along with an extremely high mid-air split.

All of these moves complicate the aiming process. Clearly, the Squat Kick emote in Fortnite is pay-to-win.

1) Breakin'

If players want to dodge bullets, Breakin' is the ideal pay-to-win emote in Fortnite. The emote is a quick-paced breakdance which makes it extremely difficult for enemies to land their shots.

The Breakin' emote in Fortnite includes extremely unpredictable moves. Combined with its quick speed, the emote certainly gives players a few seconds to plan their next move. Breakin' costs 800 V-bucks.


Epic Games is often reluctant to bring these emotes back to the item shop due to their pay-to-win nature. However, they still show up every once in a while, and players should grab them while they still can.

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