5 Fortnite skins that were pay-to-win

Pay-to-win Fortnite skins. Image via GGRecon
Pay-to-win Fortnite skins. Image via GGRecon

Most Fortnite skins do not have a competitive advantage. A very small amount have any sort of advantage at all. The only reason to buy skins is to have fun and play as a character players enjoy.

That's why Rick Sanchez, The Mandalorian and Thor have been added to the game. Batman doesn't give players a better advantage by using his gadgets. Superman isn't bulletproof. Fortnite skins aren't supposed to be pay-to-win. Some inadvertently have been, though.

While these aren't intentional designed advantages added to Fortnite, some skins do offer a bit of a competitive advantage. This makes them the closest thing Fortnite has to a pay-to-win cosmetic.

Some games do feature pay-to-win tactics, but Fortnite does not. Still, here are a few times they accidentally did add pay-to-win skins.

Pay-to-win in Fortnite

5. Prickly Patroller

The Prickly Patroller skin is mostly green, with a little bit of white. Granted, the cactus head won't confuse any players, but the color scheme does make it a lot easier to hide in green areas, of which Fortnite has plenty.

It cost 800 V-Bucks, making it a cheaper advantage to purchase, but pay-to-win nonetheless.

The Prickly Patroller. Image via FORTNITESKINS
The Prickly Patroller. Image via FORTNITESKINS

4. Elite Agent

Elite Agent isn't the only all-black cosmetic in Fortnite, but it is probably the easiest one to use. Hiding in shadows and other dark areas is so much easier with the Elite Agent skin, making this one of the advantages Fortnite probably wasn't thinking about when they added it to the game.

The variant wasn't as bad, but with the helmet it was.

3. Shadow Legends Pack

All three of these skins experience the same advantage as the Elite Agent does: hiding in dark places is a lot easier. This pack cost more than a single skin, so it was even more of a pay-to-win emphasis on the victory.

2. Frozen Love Ranger

The Frozen Love Ranger has a very specific advantage that can come in really handy: it blends in with Reboot Vans very well. While it doesn't have as much blending-in ability as other skins, this is a huge advantage because of how difficult it is to reboot teammates.

Blending-in during such situations can be much more valuable than in general.

Love Ranger skin. Image via Pinterest
Love Ranger skin. Image via Pinterest

1. Toy Soldier

The green toy soldier was 100% green, making it the easiest one to blend in with any nature. With a lot of Fortnite's islands being green, this is a huge advantage. There were other colors available, but the perks from being solely green were too good to pass up.

Toy soldiers. Image via Fortnite Wiki
Toy soldiers. Image via Fortnite Wiki

How many other times has Fortnite been pay-to-win?

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