What is Accolade XP in Fortnite? Explanation, how to earn, and more details

Accolade XP has been a big point of discussion this season (Image via Epic Games)
Accolade XP has been a big point of discussion this season (Image via Epic Games)

Before dissecting the newly introduced Accolade XP in Fortnite, players must familiarise themselves with the XP system. Many video game progression and reward systems, including Fortnite, work around experience points. Different games have different XP reward systems, with Fortnite players needing XP to level up their Battle Pass and earn rewards.

Much like other games where XP is awarded for completing different tasks in the game, Epic Games' battle royale follows a similar formula. However, the implementation of this system has been a point of contention for most players this season.

With the advent of Chapter 3 Season 3, the developers of the game were accused of nerfing the XP system, which meant that items were now harder to obtain, discouraging players from grinding. However, Epic Games proactively listens to its players and has provided a solution.

Did Epic Games really fix Fortnite's flawed XP system?

Epic Games recently introduced a rebalanced Accolade XP system for Chapter 3 Season 3. Simply put, Accolade XP in Fortnite the XP gained from doing ordinary tasks in a game. Accolade XP in Fortnite can be gained by completing tasks like opening a chest, discovering locations, thanking the bus driver, and more.

We've heard your concerns about XP. While there’s new quests in 21.10 and events to earn XP all summer, we also want to make things feel better now.So we've doubled Accolade XP, as well as granted players a boost of Supercharged XP, to keep the good vibes going!

Due to the negative feedback from the players regarding the new season's Accolade XP, the developers have doubled the Accolade XP. Players will now be getting twice the XP for completing the same tasks in-game.

While this may seem disproportionate to the nerfs that the XP system got, it's a start. This change will definitely nudge the players to play the game instead of retaliating over the flawed XP system.

However, players should not confuse the double Accolade XP in Fortnite with Challenge XP. The latter are XP rewards for completing a challenge in the game, which remains the same. This could be a downer for some as the Accolade XP bonus may be insignificant in comparison.

Oh by the way, Accolade XP has been doubled! #Fortnite #FortniteVibin #FortniteLeaks

Epic Games has also boosted Supercharged XP as part of the XP overhaul. For those out of the loop, Supercharged XP is something players receive when they log into Fortnite after a few days' break. It was originally designed to compensate players for missing multiple days' worth of daily tasks if they were unable to log in and play the game.

The buffed-up Supercharged XP should help players gain XP at an accelerated rate for the initial few matches. However, this seems to be a temporary fix to a rather flawed XP system. In order to reach level 100, it takes 7,920,000 XP, and double that to reach level 200.

It may seem like a Herculean task to accomplish getting this much XP, but this is within the range of the average XP it takes to level up to 100 in any battle pass.

With the coveted Darth Vader skin at level 100, dedicated players will definitely continue to grind irrespective of the ups and downs of the XP system. While the majority of bonus rewards are yet to be disclosed, it will prove to be an influencing factor in how much players will grind the game this season.

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