When is the Armored Wall coming to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Image via Epic Games, Armored Walls will land in Fortnite's Season 8 to provide some durable cover
Image via Epic Games, Armored Walls will land in Fortnite's Season 8 to provide some durable cover

A new trap has been leaked and will be added to Fortnite's arsenal sometime in the next week or two. Hypex released via Twitter that a wall trap labeled the Armored Wall will drop in a Fortnite patch to come soon in Season 8.

Traps have passed through Fortnite time and time again and have seen fluctuating popularity. Depending on the game's meta, traps are sometimes the best thing to find or are something players find completely unhelpful.

Fortnite will see a new trap that allows for reinforced building

While almost all of Fortnite's previous traps have been for damage or mobility, the Armored Wall will grant players the ability to transform any building piece into a bolstered, metal barrier. The Armored Wall will have 2,500 HP, more than enough to withstand a magazine from any weapon.

More info about the upcoming Armored Wall Trap.- Health: 2,500- Max Stack: 20- Equip Time: 1.5 second- Can be placed on Enemy Builds- You can apply it on any build type- Doesn't take an inventory slot as of now- Will be found as a stack of 5 in: Floor Loot & Supply Drops

Fortnite players will be able to carry stacks of 20 of these Armored Walls, and it'll take a second and a half before they'll be ready to deploy. Armored Walls are able to be built on virtually any structure, including cones, floors, walls, and even enemy structures.

They'll be found in stacks of five, according to Hypex, so players will be able to reinforce multiple structures after only finding a single group of Armored Walls. Additionally, players can find Fortnite's new trap on the ground and/or in loot drops. If this is true, they won't be inside chests of any kind.

Amored Walls will change Fortnite's dynamic in a major way by giving players actual sustainable cover. With 2,500 HP, players could use an entire medkit before an enemy dispenses enough rounds to topple the structure.

new trap coming to fortnite the armored wall?

Instead of having to build for dear life, players can lay down a few of these Armored Walls and feel true safety. They'll force enemy players to advance to close range and find another way in since they won't be able to mow through the Armored Wall without expending hefty amounts of ammo.

Be on the lookout for these traps all across the Fortnite map, as they can save lives and provide some game-changing mechanics.

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