When is the next Fortnite update (17.20) going live: Everything we know so far

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

After some game-changing features in update 17.10, Fortnite will continue to have big plans with their next patch, which is due to launch soon. Epic Games recently restarted after their summer break and are working towards pushing update 17.20 for players to explore starting on July 20th

This next patch will incorporate new skins like almost every other, in addition to features never seen before that will allow players to keep rolling with randoms they team up with. As foretold by the Alien Mothership's movement and leaks given out, Fortnite's Coral Castle will be no more, as the aliens make their next move.

Fortnite's 17.20 update furthers the Season 7 story and implements a new round of features

The Cowinator

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Also nicknamed the Gravity Gun, the Cowinator finally impacts Fortnite to compliment the alien theme and technology seen so far. With this gun, players can pick up objects of a reasonable size and toss them around.

Unfortunately, enemies and enemy/empty vehicles can't be grasped, so players will have to get creative with the Cowinator to utilize its abilities. Most likely as the leaks hint towards, this weapon will be available for purchase at 600 Gold Bars from various NPCs.

Coral Castle's departure

Coral Castle's inevitable destruction will come with Fortnite's 17.20 update as the Alien Mothership progresses across the map. Features of the named location could be seen inside the ship in its mini-game where players can compete for high-tier Vault rewards.

It's not quite clear what will take its place, but since the aliens have moved to Holly Hatchery close by, they will likely take over the area to further their foothold. Fortnite does a grand job of keeping removed named locations around with small details, so don't expect Coral Castle to completely vanish.


Hypex hints at the Summer Ripply skin coming to Fortnite soon as a part of the Slurp Squad set seen back in Season 1 of Chapter 2. The King, Lebron James, will also be dunking into Fortnite as the next Icon Series skin to join famous sports stars like Harry Kane and Marco Reus.

James's skin will come as part of a purchasable bundle that comes with other cosmetics to pair with him.

Keep Playing Together button

For the first time in Fortnite, players will now be able to continue win streaks with squads that they fill into in Duos, Trios, and Squad modes. There will be an option available for players that prevents the lobby from disbanding the party from the previous game.

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