Who is Amie in Fortnite? Chapter 3 Season 4 Live event, explained

Fortnite Amie Quests
Amie is an Artificial Intelligence created by The Scientist to assist The Seven in the Fortnite Island (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite Chapter 3 has successfully concluded with a Season 4 live event where loopers dropped in to fight The Herald to prevent the reality and Zero Point from getting fractured.

Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their mission and witnessed the collapse of the reality bubble that contained the islands of Chapters 2 and 3.

However, just as the loopers were shot in space after Reality Zero collapsed, the Zero Point tried to revive itself by collecting pieces of the island from different Fortnite seasons. But this task was aided by the island's guardian angel, The Paradigm, who players saw earlier this season return to Reality-659 to fight the chrome.

As players floated in space and saw the islands come back together in pieces, they heard The Paradigm talking to another crucial character. The latter has been helping Agent Jones gather intel about the Chromed island and find a way to cure it. The voice in context here is of A.M.I.E, also known as Amie.

While many have heard of her while completing their quests, others wonder about her identity and importance in Fortnite lore. Here is everything we know about Amie and her impact on the Chapter 3 Season 4 Live Event.

Who is Amie in Fortnite?


Amie, also known as A.M.I.E (Artificial Machine Intelligence Engine), is The Scientist's Artificial Intelligence assistant who usually runs computer operations and is the brains behind The Seven's technology. She has been aiding The Scientist for years in protecting the island.

In the first week of Paradise Quests in Chapter 3 Season 4, Agent Jones is on the hunt to revive The Seven's computer after the entire island, along with their equipment, is covered with Chrome.

Upon completing the first five stages of the challenge, players saw Jones interacting with an AI called Amie. The latter was built by The Scientist for his computer. Later throughout the season, Jones and Amie sought the help of loopers around the island to fight Chrome in The Paradigm's absence.

However, their efforts go in vain as the island gets blown up by The Herald's Chrome. However, Amie still remains with the loopers using their Quest Phones and interacts with The Paradigm, who is across another reality that comes closer to The Zero Point in this event.

How does Amie contribute to Chapter 3 Season 4 Live Event?

Amie aids The Paradigm and instructs looper to repair the Zero Point (Image via Sportskeeda)
Amie aids The Paradigm and instructs looper to repair the Zero Point (Image via Sportskeeda)

During the live event, when The Zero Point is assembling pieces of islands from different realities, The Paradigm tells Amie that she and the loopers need to collaborate to repair it before foes capitalize.

This is when Amie directly communicates with the loopers and asks them to collect Zero Point Fragments across the island to help spike the energy levels and restore them.

Loopers then engage in several quests offered by NPCs and collect fragments to restore the Zero Point before The Paradigm and Amie sign off.

While Amie is the only AI in the game and wasn't expected to play a significant role in the lore, the Fortnite Fracture event gives her importance as a savior of Reality Zero. This has culminated in The Paradigm not wanting to mess with her anymore.

Fortnite servers are currently offline and are expected to come online once Chapter 4 arrives.

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