Why Fortnite is facing a sudden rise of cheaters

Hacking in Fortnite has become a serious problem (Image via Faiz/YouTube)
Hacking in Fortnite has become a serious problem (Image via Faiz/YouTube)

Hacking in Fortnite has become a serious issue in the last few months. Cheaters have started penetrating official competitive tournaments as well, ruining the experience of several players. They have become a nuisance that Epic Games needs to stop as soon as possible.

The sudden rise of cheaters in the game makes players wonder why it is happening. When the Battle Royale game was released, there were hardly any cheaters. The few who managed to cheat got instantly banned due to the strict anti-cheat. Things have changed in the last few months.

Unfortunately, cheaters in Fortnite figured out how to fool the anti-cheat and not get detected. This allowed them to cheat until they were caught on live streams or tournaments. However, given its free-to-play nature, banned players can make another account to play again.


How to stop cheaters in Fortnite

The anti-cheat in the Battle Royale game is unequipped to tackle the cheating problem. New cheats, including wall-hacks, ESPs, and soft aim hacks, are all over the internet. They are being sold for around $10. Thousands of players buy cheats instead of grinding and improving in the game.

If Epic Games ignores the problem for a long time, its Battle Royale game might end up like Warzone, which has multiple cheaters in every lobby. Developers need to figure out a solution to this rapidly increasing problem.

Fortunately, Epic Games is already on the offense against people who build and sell cheats. The studio has filed multiple legal suits against such people to stop them from spreading cheats. Moreover, they are also recovering damages to make up for all the experiences ruined by such cheats.

Hopefully, as Epic Games cracks down on people selling hacks, the problem will become scarce over time. Fearing a legal suit, the sale and distribution of hacks might be drastically reduced.

Why is Cronus Zen in Fortnite a menace?

Soft hacks are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and players can now use hardware to cheat in the Battle Royale game. Several players have started using a device called Cronus Zen that helps them get an unfair advantage over players.

The device acts as an emulator that can run custom mods for controllers. These mods give players an advantage in building and even higher aim assist.

The worst part is that no anti-cheat can detect it. Therefore, even if Epic Games handles the distribution of third-party cheating software in Fortnite, it still has the problem of Cronus Zen to deal with.

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