Why most people never improve at Fortnite (& how to fix it) 

Become better at Fortnite to be carefree like Ronin (Image via Twitter/JackCarmody15)
Become better at Fortnite to be carefree like Ronin (Image via Twitter/JackCarmody15)

The battlefield of Fortnite is constantly evolving. The loot pool changes with each new season, and depending on meta-weapons, the playstyle shifts accordingly. Players have to adapt to these changes and determine what works best for them. Sadly, not everyone can adjust to these changes.

Some players tend to stay stuck with the same old mentality of the older seasons. They rely on outdated tactics to secure them a Victory Royale. While this may work against newbies and beginners, seasoned opponents will stonewall them into submission. Thankfully, there are ways to improve.


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Three easy ways to get better at Fortnite

1) Learn how to adapt to the meta weapons of the season


The easiest way to improve in Fortnite is by understanding the weapon meta. Every time the loot pool rotates, new weapons are added. Even though they may be similar to the previous loot pool's weapon types, they are likely different.

Players need to understand how different weapons work to make the most of combat. While knowing damage output is essential, other factors such as recoil, magazine size, and effective range matter. Simply pointing and shooting is not a viable option in combat.

2) Rotations and loot-pathing are saving graces


In a Battle Royale game, players have the freedom to move about and play as they see fit. This allows for numerous tactical maneuvers to be executed. Two of the essential tactics to learn in Fortnite are rotation and loot-pathing. Mastering these two will enable players to dominate the match.

Rotating ensures that players will always have a good position during the match. Enemies will not be able to gain the upper hand in combat. Similarly, knowing how loot-pathing works will allow players to move from location to location and loot effectively. This saves time and ensures that supplies never run out.

3) Don't solely rely on guns


When engaging with another player in-game in combat, using brute force to win is not a viable option. Shooting indefinitely at opponents or builds will likely lead to ammo running out. Without any ammo, players will have to flee or be eliminated in these situations.

To win battles in Fortnite, players need to use everything available at their disposal. Firefly jars can be used to set buildings ablaze, timber pines can destroy an opponent's build, and enemies can be harpooned from a height and dropped. With a bit of imagination and skill, the possibilities are endless.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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