Will Fortnite ever allow gifting skins directly from your lockers? Skin trading, explained

Fortnite players often wonder if they will be able to trade skins from their lockers (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite players often wonder if they will be able to trade skins from their lockers (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale literally has thousands of skins with players purchasing more of them every single day from the Item Shop. Additionally, multiple skins can also be unlocked from the game's Battle Pass. The Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass saw the launch of the Spider-Man skin, which the Season 2 Battle Pass matched with the Dr. Strange skin.

Most of these skins are favored within the community and with the increase in the number of collaborations each season, there might only be a few skins these days that players absolutely do not want in their inventory. Needless to say, sometimes there are disasters and players regret purchasing a skin after their V-bucks have been spent.


While players can always gift skins to their friends in the game, many wonder when Epic Games will bring in a feature where skins can be traded between players. With Chapter 3 Season 2 underway, skin trading is certainly something the future Fortnite needs, but currently does not have.

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Fortnite does not allow skin trading and will likely never support it

Over the course of the last few years, the Fortnite community has repeatedly expressed its desire for the option to trade skins with other players. Every year, players purchase multiple skins, while more new ones are added to the Item Store with each update.

As players keep on accumulating skins, some of them lie forgotten and unused. This has prompted players to request a trading mechanic within the game. Trading will allow players to get rid of skins they do not use or like and receive skins they might like to keep in their inventory in return.

While gifting skins is allowed in the game, players can only do so by purchasing skins for others from the Item Shop. However, players cannot directly gift skins to friends from their locker. Even purchasing accounts and selling in-game cosmetics is against the ToS strictly laid down by Epic Games.


However, trading skins is not that uncommon in the gaming community. Rocket League has trading options and players can use them to give away skins they do not like. With more than a thousand skins in the game, Epic Games should consider the trading of in-game cosmetics as a viable option for their playerbase.

Nonetheless, trading of skins can also lead to other troubles as well. The Fortnite community is largely filled with teenagers and fraudsters who may take advantage of this and scam players who are not aware.

Trading of skins in Epic Games' popular battle royale title is currently not a feature, but if strict rules can be set down to prevent scams from occurring, it could very well be a turning point for the game.

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